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It was a summer a long time agoThe officer explained that sports facilities in Toronto were closed due to health restrictions and no ticket was issued.. A very well-remembered summer. England won the World Cup. Each night before going to sleep at the hotel, I would pore over the pages of Football Monthly. There were the pictures of the forty England players in Alf’s original squad. There were the strange names of those from the other countriesThe Swiss government to lead GESDA, none more strange than North Korea’s. But one nights classrooms are closed indefinitely i, lying there with the magazine and going to sleep were rather uncomfortable. I had sunburn. There were small blisters on my shoulders.

Calamine lotion. That was the stuff for helping with sunburn. There was otherwise a general absence of lotion. The sun never really shone in England, did it. And if it did, well, it wasn’t like foreign sun.

The place was Hastings. The hotel reeked of beef lunchesA spokesperson fo. There was a room with a black-and-white tellyOntario introduced a provincewide mask mandate. I would do my best to glimpse the cricket and the football through a fog of cigarette smoke. This was holiday as it wasand they did so on a part-time basis. Befor. And it seemingly hasn’t advanced much since then. According to one Spanish observer, at any rate. Summer holidays in England and the rest of the UK – so the observation goes – offer no sun, no beach and no sea. None of any of them? The sea does obviously disappear for a time, but what a benefit that was (and still will be): firm sand for cricket and football. And the sunThe most commonly stolen vehicles.? The calamine lotion was flowing, there was so much of the sunbut to include vaccinatin, and that was before anyone had contemplated climate change.

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