At the end of the year, Rococo launched a new seve

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Try the new knurled roller pattern, Rococo preferential price, order more than 3 new patterns, 14 yuan/piece

at the end of the year, Rococo launched a new seven inch knurled roller, with more than 20 new patterns of knurled molds, and the preferential price of new knurled patterns is 14 yuan/piece

Rococo has added ten inch knurled roller, four inch knurled roller and seven inch knurled roller. Welcome to call us. Price concessions

Rococo has a big promotion of materials at the end of the year. You are welcome to choose and buy. At the end of the year, work is busy, orders increase, and the liquid wallpaper industry prepares goods, with special discounts on materials. Preferential products include printing paint and knurled paint




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