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After the new house is installed, everyone can't wait to live in it, but the indoor pollution problem is worrying. In recent years, due to the proportion of indoor environmental pollution that brings harm to human health everywhere, the heavy decoration pollution contains a large amount of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, which can't be underestimated. Therefore, many people will put some plants after the new house is installed to alleviate the peculiar smell left after decoration, So what is the best plant to put after the decoration of the new house? Let's have a look

what is the best plant to put after the decoration of the new house: Ivy

in many users' homes, there will be such a pot of ivy, which can effectively absorb harmful substances. According to relevant professionals, a square of ivy leaves also absorb 1.48 mg of formaldehyde, while the total area of the leaves of two pots of adult ivy is about 0.78 square meters, so it is very popular

what is the best plant to put after the decoration of the new house: Daisy

this plant is very simple in appearance, with petite and lovely flowers and harmonious colors. Generally speaking, it will bloom in early spring, full of vitality, with the demeanor of a gentleman and innocent demeanor. At the same time, Daisy is a pioneer plant in eliminating pollution, which can effectively remove the pollution of trifluoroethylene

what plant is the best to put after the decoration of the new house: Aloe Vera

it can well absorb the peculiar smell in the gas, and can also absorb radiation to a certain extent, so it is often placed in the new house. In addition, once illuminated by light, this plant will be particularly vigorous, and the light cooperation is also very strong. It releases several times more oxygen than under the condition of no light irradiation, and can eliminate about 90% formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air

what is the best plant to put after the decoration of the new house: Ping An tree

this is a relatively common large plant in the market at present. It can release a fresh taste and make people feel spiritual pleasure. However, when buying, we must pay attention to pot soil. The compact combination of root and soil is pot planted, otherwise it is ground planted. It is recommended to choose pot planted, which is easier to survive, and the market price is about 80~100 yuan

precautions for placing plants in new house decoration

1. Avoid placing thin leafed plants

there are 3 pages in total. Page 123 the next page when placing plants, it is recommended to choose broad leaves and prohibit the use of thin leafed plants, otherwise it will make people smaller, and there is no good attitude. At the same time, indoor plants are not suitable for vines or ferns. They prefer cool places, and the home environment is a place that needs brightness and brightness, Therefore, it can not only solve Feng Shui discomfort, but also bring unclean things

2. Variety selection

many people like to put some beautiful flowers at home. When choosing, try to focus on the flowers with strong vitality, and avoid choosing the flowers with delicate and harsh production environment, otherwise it will not bring you good luck and wealth. In addition, you can also choose some flowers that like sunshine, which can not only beautify the living room, but also bring you a good mood

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the decoration of new houses has always been a major event for families. In particular, some people also believe in Feng Shui. For them, in addition to the decoration style, they also need to pay attention to Feng Shui. But now many people don't understand these, and they also ignore some precautions, which leads to dissatisfaction for various reasons. So, what are the precautions for Feng Shui in the decoration of new houses? Let Xiaobian introduce the precautions about Feng Shui in the decoration of new houses to you

1. Light

Feng Shui has high requirements for light, so the editor will give you a detailed description of this. Feng Shui has a saying that there is a bright hall and a dark room, so the living room at home must have enough light. If the lighting is poor because of the room type, it must be compensated by lighting. The main light of the living room is suggested to be white light. The light in the room must be darker. If it is too bright, it is easy to cause quarrels between husband and wife and affect family harmony. It is suggested that you use dark yellow light, which can well set off the warm atmosphere of the bedroom

2. Pattern

as we all know, the pattern of houses is very important in geomantic omen. Generally, a better pattern of houses is the one with four directions, North and south. To be more specific, the format of our house should be that you can see the living room when you enter the door, rather than the kitchen or room when you enter the door. If you see the kitchen or room when you enter the door, it will have a great impact on the wealth and marriage of the residents. Therefore, once you buy a house with this pattern, you should pay attention to using some partitions or decorations to change the original pattern of the house when decorating

3. Doors and windows

in Feng Shui, the installation of doors is also very important. It is best not to be opposite between doors, because opposite doors mean that quarrels between doors will often cause family members to quarrel. If such doors cannot be avoided, bead curtains can be used to partition and resolve them. Also, the door of the room cannot be opposite to the door of the cooking room, because the hot and humid air in the cooking room will run into the room and reduce people's sleep quality. The door of the room cannot be opposite to the door of the bathroom. The entry of the water vapor from the bathroom into the room will affect the service life of the furniture and bedding in the room, and will also make the rest heavy headed and have dreams at night

4. Decoration

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