The price varies greatly with different processes.

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There are great differences in prices due to different processes. You need to pay more attention to the choice of wooden doors

there are many decorative materials for modern wooden doors, and the use of wood veneers and stickers are common, but the grades are completely different. When consumers buy, it is very important to know whether it is solid wood, wood veneer or stickers. Solid wood and veneer can be called "wooden door", while sticker can only be called "grain wooden door". Experts remind consumers that when buying wooden doors, they should first check whether the product has the product certification established by the state, and be sure to check the category of wooden doors tested by relevant departments on the product certification to avoid being fooled. The proportion of the cost of wooden doors in the total decoration investment is generally 5% to 6%. Due to the factors that affect the price in terms of materials, paint, labor, processing technology, enterprise profits and so on, the price of wooden doors in the market is also widely different, ranging from 800 yuan/set to 3000 yuan/set. Because the processing technology content of wooden doors is not very high, the competition often can only work on materials, labor and paint, and there must be mixed quality. Therefore, after knowing the regular prices in the market, try not to buy ultra-low price products

so how to choose the right wooden door? First of all, the material of the door should be consistent with that of the overall decoration. It is understood that most of the wooden doors on the market are made of pine or imported filling materials as the door core skeleton, coated with medium density board and solid wood veneer, and made after high-temperature hot pressing, which is called "solid wood composite door". In the eyes of consumers, the so-called "all solid wood doors" are generally only used for varieties and parts with less materials, such as wood strips, edge banding and other parts, even for imported high-grade European wood doors, due to price reasons

to make the wooden door durable and undeformed, the solid wood keel material that has been strictly dried must be selected. The internal filler structure is reasonable and conforms to the principle of mechanical stress offset, so as to ensure that its appearance deformation is within the specified range. The state has three standards for appearance indicators: high, intermediate and ordinary. The wooden door with good quality should be formed by hot pressing process, the solid wood edge banding machine should be used for mechanical edge banding, and the sanding machine should be used for smooth sanding to ensure its flatness, firmness and beauty

choose the artificial wood door and look at the finish, that is, the shape and paint color; Second, look at the certificate and the content of toxic substances; Third, check whether the material is solid wood; Fourth, check whether the workmanship is regular in size and fits perfectly. If your room is decorated in a traditional Chinese style, you can choose lattice wood doors or affordable flat doors and plywood parquet doors. The door has flat surface, shallow bottom and deep flowers, which is full of decorative effect. Some families choose the decoration team to make the door frame and door pocket. The Chinese carving on the upper half of the door is outsourced to the carving manufacturer. But this is a problem for painting. Because a door is made by two companies, whether the painting is unified is a problem. However, if it is outsourced to Chinese door manufacturers, the cost will be more expensive





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