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1. Advantages and disadvantages of corridor housing

corridor housing is divided into inner corridor and outer corridor

(1) Gallery style

Gallery style design is mostly used in multi-storey and high-rise buildings, most of which are factory dormitories, student dormitories, hotels, hotels, hospitals and so on. The rooms in the inner corridor are distributed on both sides of the corridor, and the rooms are adjacent to each other. Its advantages are: reasonable use of space, low construction cost and low price. The disadvantages are: there are many residents on the floor, and the corridor is public, so there is great interference between residents and residents. The house has only one orientation, and the corridor is built-in, so the lighting and ventilation are poor

(2) veranda style

veranda style is often used in high-rise, multi-storey and row by row low-rise residential buildings. Its characteristics are: a public corridor is set on one side of the room, and elevators and stairs are set at the end of the corridor. The first floor of the long corridor can serve multiple households, and the first floor of the section corridor can serve 2-5 households. Closed veranda are often used in multi-storey and high-rise residential buildings, and open veranda are often used in low-rise residential buildings. Its advantages are: the rooms are clearly divided into households, and there is an entrance and exit from each house to the public corridor, which can obtain a better orientation, so the effect of lighting and ventilation is better than that of the inner corridor. The disadvantage is that the design area of the public veranda is slightly larger, and the cost will be relatively expensive. The door faces the public corridor, and the sound insulation effect is relatively poor

2 corridor residential decoration

generally, the area of corridor residential buildings is not large, which may be one room, one living room or a small single room. Therefore, when decorating it, we should consider more storage space and visual effects

Japanese or Chinese or European paperback is recommended for corridor style residences. Simple decoration can save a lot of hard decoration and soft decoration, which take up too much space, so we don't consider decoration other than simple decoration style

it is recommended to choose the cold color system for the tone of the house and the warm color system for household goods, so that the house will not look too dark, but also make the room look spacious and bright. Some small plants and small objects can be placed in the appropriate space to decorate the house and add vitality to it. The living room and dining room can be shared to save space. The kitchen should have a good storage function. It is best to put the washing machine in it, which can save a lot of space for the bathroom. In the bathroom, water retaining strips and shower curtains are used to separate the dry and wet areas. If you make good use of the space under the bed, you can also store many things

3 corridor residential fire prevention

because the population density of corridor residential buildings is relatively large, the relevant preparations for fire prevention must be done well, otherwise it will bring incalculable consequences

what are the requirements of corridor residential fire prevention

(1) evacuation stairs and emergency exits are set independently

(2) when the building height reaches 100 meters, it should be equipped with automatic sprinkler system and fire reel hose/portable faucet; Automatic fire alarm system shall be configured

(3) if the building height is less than 100 meters and more than 54 meters, an automatic fire alarm system should be installed in the public area

(4) whether it is a high-rise building or a medium and high-rise corridor residence, when setting an automatic fire alarm, a fire alarm reminder with voice function or an emergency horn should also be installed in the public area

4 effect drawing of corridor house





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