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During the National Day holiday, Nanning customs returned nearly 10000 tons of foreign garbage. Release date: Source: renewable resources information. On October 3, a batch of 9954.42 tons of prohibited solid wastes were returned from Fangcheng Port Wharf under the supervision of Fangcheng customs under Nanning customs

this batch of returned solid wastes is a batch of copper concentrate declared to be imported by a company in Shanghai to Fangcheng customs. It is identified as a mixture of copper containing leaching residues from the hydrometallurgy of copper and non-ferrous metals. After finding out this batch of prohibited solid wastes, Nanning customs actively promoted relevant work, accelerated sampling for inspection, case transfer and case handling, issued the notice of direct return order immediately after fixing the evidence of the case, actively urged the parties involved in the return, the terminal operator and the carrier to complete the return formalities in a timely manner, and implemented the space loading operation for the start-up of advanced production capacity, tracking and supervising the whole process, It is closely linked and seamlessly connected to ensure that the formalities for solid waste are completed as soon as possible, and the solid waste is loaded and returned

since the beginning of this year, Nanning customs has continuously and thoroughly implemented the major decisions of strengthening solid waste supervision and cracking down on foreign garbage smuggling, and has continued to carry out the special action of "blue sky has taken the exchange of frequency conversion electromechanical 2020" to ban the entry of foreign garbage, and achieved good results. Up to now, 15 tickets and 41200 tons of solid wastes have been returned from the customs area, mainly involving high-carbon ferrochrome, zinc ore, liquid crystal display panel, polyethylene recycled plastic particles, copper concentrate, zinc oxide powder, etc

in the next step, Nanning customs will continue to strengthen the experimental research with local governments and ports on the expansion of fatigue cracks in GH4169 nickel base alloy, contact and cooperate with the owners of wharves and regulatory sites, unblock the "foreign garbage" return channel, strengthen the supervision of solid waste return, constantly build a strong national security defense line, and resolutely safeguard the national ecological security

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