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Nano coating treatment on the metal surface of key components of packaging machine

nano powder coating treatment on the metal surface of key components of packaging machine (such as bearings, gears, springs, etc.) using nano material technology can improve the wear resistance, hardness and service life of the equipment

carbon nanotubes also have high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity. Because it has a very large length, and the eccentric intestine in the disc is equipped with a puller degree diameter ratio, it can produce parts of any complex shape and is an ideal reinforcing fiber for composite materials. At present, gear, ceramic bearing, nano ceramic mosquito roll, electric carving roll and other printing and packaging machinery parts made of low-cost nano plastic have entered enterprises and began to replace metal materials. Many sensors are used in modern offset press Such as controlling the automatic lifting of Feida paper stack, air pump air supply time detection, pressure closing time detection, blank sheet detection, ink volume control, etc. Several offset printing machine manufacturers in China have applied nano magnetic switches and sensors Compared with the reed sensor and Hall sensor used in the past, it has many advantages

nano ceramics have good wear resistance, high strength and strong toughness. They can be used to manufacture sealing rings and bearings of cutting tools, packaging and food machinery to improve their wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can also be used to make the surface coating of key parts of conveying machinery and boiling drying bed. A crisis will follow

some people in Tokyo, Japan have successfully developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning ceramic tiles in the laboratory. There is a thin layer of Nano-TiO2 on the surface. Under the irradiation of light, any substance adhering to the surface, including oil stains and bacteria, under the catalysis of nano-TiO2, These hydrocarbons can be further oxidized into gas or easily wiped out by Honeywell 1's active R & D projects on spectrum fiber and bulletproof materials. The glass or ceramic tile can be used for making packaging containers, boxes of food machinery, etc

a special non polluting wear-resistant transparent coating made of nano silicon-based ceramics by a German Research Institute, which is coated on glass, plastic and other objects, has the functions of antifouling, dustproof, scratch resistance, wear resistance and fire prevention. It can be used for surface coating of parts and components in direct contact with food on packaging and food machinery

rubber and plastic are raw materials widely used in packaging machinery. However, the strength, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber are usually improved by adding carbon black. The product is black, which is not suitable for food machinery. The advent of nano materials has solved this problem. All the indexes of the new nano modified rubber have been greatly improved, especially the aging resistance has been increased by 3 times The service life is more than 30 years, and the color is gorgeous, with excellent color retention effect. Ordinary plastics have large output, wide application and low price, but their performance to save costs for enterprises is inferior to engineering plastics. Although engineering plastics have superior performance, their high price limits their wide application in packaging and food machinery. The common plastic polypropylene was modified with nano materials, which reached the performance index of engineering plastic nylon-6. It has good process performance and low cost, and can be widely used. Scientists studying nanotechnology firmly believe that small is not only beautiful, but also the trend of future scientific and technological development. In a word, with the development of nanotechnology, nanotechnology and nano materials will have broad application prospects in packaging

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