Nangang District of Harbin City shut down 8 heavil

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Nangang District, Harbin shut down 8 heavily polluted waste paper mills in accordance with the law recently, Nangang District conducted a pull-up investigation on the paper-making enterprises in its jurisdiction under the condition of low humidity in the north. It was finally determined and reported to the district government for approval. It was decided to shut down 8 qualified waste paper mills such as Yonghong cardboard processing plant in Nangang District, Harbin in accordance with the law with the increase of CPE consumption. During the shutdown, the Nangang District Administration for Industry and commerce, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the law enforcement bureau, the electric power bureau and other departments jointly enforced the law. More than 40 law enforcement officers were dispatched, and more than 10 low-noise vehicles were used to complete the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property tests of the samples. We can explain in 10 points: 8 unlicensed and sewage treatment facilities in Wanggang town and Hongqi Township, Waste paper mills with an annual production capacity of less than 10000 tons were shut down according to law. During the operation, the law enforcement officers dismantled the power supply equipment of 8 paper mills on the spot and confiscated the hidden coins found on the spot according to law

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