Introduction to the advantages and principles of t

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Introduction to the advantages and principles of magnetic stirrer

magnetic stirrer is an instrument suitable for stirring materials based on the principle of physical magnetic force in solid-liquid mixtures or liquids with low viscosity

advantages of magnetic stirrer:

1 Magnetic stirrer adopts high-quality DC motor, with low noise and stable speed regulation

2. The fully enclosed heating plate can be used for auxiliary heating and can be used for long-term heating

3. The agitator refined from polytetrafluoroethylene and high-quality magnetic steel is resistant to high temperature, wear, chemical corrosion and strong magnetism

4. It can be mixed in a closed container, which is ideal and convenient to use

5. The agitator can set temperature and temperature display, which can be used for long-term heating, and the digital display is intuitive and accurate

principle of magnetic stirrer:

the magnetic stirrer uses the principle that magnetic substances are the same sex and repel each other during maintenance. Through the change of polarity at both ends of the base, it drives the stirrer to make a circular motion, so that the liquid rotates and gradually achieves uniformity; The doctor's seat with 7 years of clinical experience also contains a temperature control board, which is used to heat the liquid, which is more conducive to the mixing of the liquid; In some magnetic stirrers, there is also a heating power adjustment part, which is used to control the temperature. It is often used to control the temperature accurately during the experiment, so as to reduce the number of repeated experiments

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