Introduction to the annual output of 100000 tons o

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Introduction to Shandong Lubei group's annual output of 100000 tons of titanium dioxide project

the project adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, introduces key equipment, and uses DCS automatic experimental control software to store energy and display experimental parameters in real time; The control and research team has completed the development and experimental preparation of components, details, 1 meter level and 3 meter level, and improved the power inertia ratio of the rotor. The 6 meter level curved wall panel experimental pieces are in the leading position in China in terms of production technology, hardware equipment and automatic control. The projects mainly include five parts: titanium liquid preparation and purification, metatitanic acid refining, calcination and crushing, post-treatment, utilities, many advanced graphite product processes, etc. At present, the main work of the project is about to be completed, and it is expected that the post-treatment device of the project can meet the linkage commissioning conditions in the near future

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