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Introduction to several forms of anti-counterfeiting packaging design of packaging box

anti counterfeiting packaging is changing from the initial way of sticking plaster (with anti-counterfeiting logo) to the direction of anti-counterfeiting of packaging materials and anti-counterfeiting printing of packaging design. At present, the main methods of packaging anti-counterfeiting are:

1 Add anti-counterfeiting labels on the packaging box

the anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging box include laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, anti-counterfeiting marks printed with various anti-counterfeiting inks, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting marks, thermal anti-counterfeiting marks, anti-counterfeiting code marks, etc. almost all the marks and labels with anti-counterfeiting functions are applied to package impact prediction

2. Add anti-counterfeiting and anti uncovering seals on the packaging box

adding anti uncovering seals on the packaging box is also a kind of packaging anti-counterfeiting method, such as the sealing belt of EMS of domestic express mail, the sealing belt of robust, the sealing label of Tsinghua Tongfang computer, the sealing label of the packaging box of China sports lottery distribution equipment, etc

distribute bonus scratch cards 3 Excitation is used outside the packaging box. 5. The main bearing of the dynamometer is not allowed to be sealed with oiling light holographic film

the laser holographic film of large-scale printed anti-counterfeiting holographic image or general special image is used as the packaging material, or it is compounded on the paper surface, such as Philips bulb packaging, Unilever Colgate toothpaste, Epson ink box packaging, etc. all use laser holographic film

4. Anti counterfeiting of the contents of the packaging box

use anti-counterfeiting warranty card, anti-counterfeiting certificate, anti-counterfeiting customer service card, anti-counterfeiting authorization, anti-counterfeiting instruction manual, anti-counterfeiting installation guide, anti-counterfeiting installation agreement, etc

such as the watermark paper manual of Lijunsha of Xi'an pharmaceutical factory, the watermark paper manual of Jiaoda ANGLI oral liquid, the software customer service card of whist technology company, the software use authorization of Guanqun Jinchen software company, etc

5. The patented design of the packaging container itself is anti-counterfeiting

such as the robust cyclone cover, Jiugui wine is also directly anti-counterfeiting design on the bottle body and bottle mouth

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