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Golden abacus supply chain management (SCM) solution introduction


with economic globalization and manufacturing globalization, supply chain management has been widely used in enterprises. Supply chain has become a key area of competition among enterprises, which also means that enterprises will face a series of challenges: how to quickly push tinned fruits to produce personalized products, how to provide assured commitment services, how to provide on-time delivery, how to provide rapid response to the changing needs of customers, and so on. Golden abacus vps/supply chain solution is an excellent solution launched to help enterprises solve these problems. It can help enterprises achieve seven key goals:

share customer demand information throughout the process, cooperate with demand planning and supply planning

strengthen order demand collaboration and execution collaboration, reduce order costs

ensure timely delivery of orders, improve customer satisfaction, create more revenue opportunities

optimize asset allocation, strengthen division of labor and collaboration, improve asset efficiency

realize information sharing and reduce unstable demand, Reduce market risk

optimize the supply chain, improve the competitiveness of the supply chain

improve the performance of the supply chain, and improve enterprise profits

main process


the first platform based management software in China

adopts the golden abacus management software platform (VP) as the basic frame, and has strong integration ability to integrate the existing golden abacus and non golden abacus software functions, including purchase management, sales management, inventory management Financial management and human resource management

order information can be directly reflected in purchase management

golden abacus supply chain management can register customer orders in order information, and manage customer orders, delivery dates, delivery addresses and other information. Intelligent quotation management, the system can automatically provide the best quotation according to different levels of price planning and discount management

meet various purchase and sales modes

the purchase/sales management module of golden abacus supply chain management can flexibly handle various purchase/sales modes. Purchase management includes normal goods purchase, consignment warehousing, drop shipment purchase and other businesses; Sales management includes items sales, delegated issue, delegated transfer, drop shipment sales and other businesses

fully meet customers' service promises: projectors meet national standards or relevant standardization needs

how to best meet customers' needs has become the competitive core of modern enterprises. In order to adapt to the customized production mode, the product configuration function of golden abacus supply chain management allows customers to freely define the required products within a certain range, and then achieve customized production through batch material demand planning

advanced technical architecture

adopts multi-layer b/s architecture across platforms (Linux, UNIX, windows)

at the same time, it supports Oracle, DB2, SQL ser, ver and other database platforms on the basis of making full use of the market mechanism, and supports the centralized and distributed deployment of data

seamlessly connect with the ERP software of golden abacus, provide standard interfaces for other ERP software, and integrate with banking system, tax system and other related systems

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