Topsk will provide Hengan Group with two hot air p

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Tosk will provide Hengan Group with two hot air penetrating and drying toilet paper machines

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● HengAn International Group will work with tosk again to sign two toilet paper machines

● TAD will lead the transformation of the household paper market to top quality products

● tosk will continue to help customers innovate, Differentiation brings competitive advantages

TOSCO will provide HengAn international group with two tadvision hot air penetration drying toilet paper machines. Through this order, HengAn International Group has broken through the barriers of traditional household paper and plastic textured household paper, and will lead the transformation of China's household paper market to top quality household paper - tadvision will manufacture the highest quality structural household paper with the highest loose thickness, softness and water absorption

"Heng'an has been pursuing innovative and top-quality products, so as to lead the development of China's tissue and sanitary products market. After careful evaluation, Heng'an chose tosk as a partner to support us in achieving our new goals."

Mr. Xu Lianjie

president of Heng'an group

these two new production lines will become the earliest real TAD (hot air penetration drying) for the production of structured tissue in China Paper machine, while further consolidating the cooperation between tosk and HengAn international group. These two new paper machines are designed to ensure excellent loose thickness, softness and water absorption. They will be installed in more than 300 factories of Hengan Group in the south of Shandong Hehu wood plastic enterprise. The paper width is 3.65 meters, and the annual output of each machine is more than 40000 tons. It is planned to start up in 2022. Previously, two modular enhanced energy-saving household paper production lines provided by tosk were started in 2017 at Heng'an's factory in Changji, Xinjiang. 2. Problems existing in Anyang's industrial development

"we are very happy to cooperate with HengAn on this project of strategic significance. Tosk's new hot air penetrating dryer represents the advanced technology needed to realize the historic changes in the Chinese market."

Mr. Alessandro mennucci


Zhao Yang, general manager of TOSCO paper machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "China's household paper market has been experiencing overcapacity in recent years. Our latest hot air penetrating dryer will bring HengAn the most differentiated top-level quality products, and help our customers stand out from the fierce Red Sea competition in the traditional household paper market, thus opening up and leading the new blue ocean market of structured household paper."

about HengAn International Group

HengAn International Group, founded in 1985, is a leading household paper manufacturer in China. According to the latest report released by the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association around the Chinese market, Heng'an ranked first among the household paper manufacturers listed in China with an income of more than 20billion yuan (2019), and ranked second in China's annual production capacity with 1.482 million tons/year. In 1998, Heng'an international was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Since 2011, Heng'an international has been included in the constituent stocks of Hong Kong Hang Seng Index

in 2016, due to its excellent performance in low-carbon, green and sustainable development, Hengan Group was awarded the "international carbon value award" by the world environmental protection conference, and CEO Mr. Xu Lianjie was awarded the "carbon value innovator Award"; From 2016 to 2019, Mr. Xu Lianjie was listed on the "top 100 CEOs in China" list of Harvard Business Review for four consecutive years

about toscotec company

toscotec company was founded in 1948, specializing in the design and production of mechanical equipment for the production of toilet paper, paper and paperboard. Voith acquired 90% of its shares in 2020

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voith paper is a division of Voith group. As a whole line supplier in the paper industry, Voith provides the broadest range of technologies, services and products in the market, and provides overall solutions for paper manufacturers as a single source. Voith paper has been committed to continuous innovation, achieving resource-saving production, and helping customers minimize their carbon footprint. With leading automation products and digital solutions of papermaking 4.0, voith paper provides customers with the most advanced digital technology to improve the availability and efficiency in all links of paper production

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