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Golden classic original sound reproduction, Sony headset 1am2 experience evaluation introduction

light, very light. This time, Sony headset 1am2 has a more comfortable wearing experience, so how about its sound quality? Sony's products have always been favored by consumers. Every work has many followers, especially Sony headphones, which have always had a good reputation. I think what I followed at the beginning was bass. Its purpose was to maintain Germany's leading position in intelligent manufacturing technology. Until the popularity of tri band equalization, Sony has been building designs that conform to the current market. Among them, Sony 1A series is more prominent, and the utilization and popularization of energy-saving buildings are also developing rapidly and more cost-effective. So when you get the Sony mdr-1am2, you can't wait to experience it

first, let's take a look at the appearance of Sony 1am2. We can see that it is a headphone. The head beam is made of solid alloy steel, which is slightly thicker than before. The mdr-1am2 logo is also printed on the side of the head beam to show the earphone model. It is also quite smooth when stretching, and can feel a good sense of paragraph. When holding it, the texture is also good. The bending angle of the head beam is also just right, and there will be no instability

let's take a look at the ear pad of Sony 1am2. With the 3D three-dimensional cutting design, we can obviously feel that the ear pad is larger, which reduces the pressure on the ear. After the actual experience, it is more close to the ear. The material used is pressure relief ear pad and acoustic sealing structure, so the texture is soft. Even if you wear it for a long time, your ears will not feel sore. Built in low elastic polyurethane foam can evenly distribute the pressure on the ear pad. The logo marked "Sony" on the outside clearly shows that this is a Sony product

Sony 1A can't play a role. The Fibonacci pattern grille can be seen on the inside of M2, which makes the opening of the drive unit balanced and the full band sound more natural. Using high hardness resin, the rungs are thinner, which will not affect the transmission of air, so the high-frequency performance is more stable. Although the sound coloring is reduced, the high resolution is displayed incisively and vividly

the Sony 1am2 weighs only 187G, so it will be lighter on the head and can be worn for a long time. The inner inclined shaft structure makes the earmuff more inclined to the inside, which makes the design closer to the ear. The earphone cavity is still made of classic alloy materials, which can reduce the impact of resonance on sound quality. The earphone is also designed with a mute connector device, which can reduce the entry of some noise. The inner side is equipped with a vent hole, which can optimize the characteristics of the bass band

this Sony 1am2 is equipped with a 4.4mm connecting cable, which is made of silver plated OFC material, which can reduce transmission loss and channel interference, and the sound quality effect is unmatched by other headphones. It is also equipped with 3.5mm earphone cable for ordinary users, which is supported by 4.4mm and 3.5mm, and the design is more humanized

the biggest highlight of Sony 1am2 this time is the built-in 40mm HD driver unit in the headset. Aluminum plated liquid crystal polymer diaphragm is used, which has high rigidity and high internal resistance In the process of the experiment, it is inevitable to produce some dust damage and other characteristics. It can cover the whole frequency band, so as to reduce the distortion of sound and minimize rendering. In addition, by optimizing the structure of the driving unit and the shape of the aluminized liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, the bass performance is stable, and the treble is clear and natural. How will Sony 1am2 perform with Sony zx300a

zx300a has a frosted texture, so it has a delicate feel. With a touch screen, it is also quite smooth in operation. The fuselage is equipped with a 4.4mm balance port and a 3.5mm headphone interface. The 4.4mm balance port seems to have become the symbol of Sony. At the same time, it can also play the original DSD format, and the sound will be more delicate and crisp. The buttons on the right side of the fuselage are also very rich, and different styles are designed for blind operation

zx300a has built-in Sony MP3 exclusive system. From the display, we can see that its operation interface is very simple. The songs in the player memory are classified, which is similar to the player pattern on, so it is relatively fast to start. In terms of endurance, the zx300a can play lossless audio for 26 hours and MP3 audio for about 30 hours, that is, it can play continuously for about a day

having said so much, let's take a look at the audition experience of Sony 1am2 connected to a 4.4mm balanced port. In terms of low frequency, the sound can dive to a very deep position, and has good elasticity, and the resolution is as excellent as ever. It seems to have a strong explosive force and release surging energy. This headset is more suitable for listening to some music with a strong sense of rock and rhythm

in terms of intermediate frequency, the sound performance is very natural, and the tuning of human voice is still good. Male and female students' voices are relatively clear, without a strong sense. Emotional interpretation is also relatively full, especially when listening to female voices, the voice performance is more delicate. With the blessing of the 4.4mm connecting line, the sound has a strong sense of encirclement, and the sound quality is also more tenacious and real.

in the high-frequency part, the ductility and permeability are also good. It sounds smooth, but it is not very bright. You can feel the level and richness of sound, and perform well in parsing. There seems to be something missing in the details, but it doesn't affect the overall audition. There is no deliberate pursuit of stimulating listening sensation and improving the sound quality, so it sounds very smooth

take a specific song as an example, listen to Faye Wong's sky. Bass shows passion, and the sound is deeper and more compact. Vocal performance is more natural, can express the scene of this song, there is a desire in it. In the process of listening to songs, the headphones are also more close to the ear. After listening to a whole song, it seems that you don't feel the weight of the headphones, and the comfort is bursting

summary: in terms of the appearance of Sony mdr-1am2, black continues Sony's simple style. It is also much better than the 1A Series in details, so it is also very light and comfortable to wear, and there will be no discomfort after wearing it for a long time. The biggest highlight of the headset is the 40mm driver unit, which brings more prominent sound quality effect. The tri band performance is balanced, and songs of various styles can be well controlled, which can occupy a place in portable headphones

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