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Some works of the 17th DuPont packaging Invention Award

the DuPont packaging invention award aims to encourage and promote global packaging technology innovation. There are 104 projects in the 17th competition, of which 22 packaging inventions in the international food industry and non food industry have won awards. This paper selects some award-winning works for readers

The paper products Ltd. (India) and GlaxoSmithKline (Nigeria and the United States) holographic aluminum foil blisters are of great help in preventing counterfeit drug products. The core of this high-tech invention is to print the continuous holographic safety pattern on the aluminum foil of the drug blister packaging, including the gravure printing technology, and the holographic pattern on its surface can strengthen the anti-counterfeiting protection function

gold medal

monosol, LLC (USA) and the Procter Gamble Company (Belgium) 2-in-1 laminated actionpacs are water-soluble double-layer film packaging for automatic dishwashers. It is made of copolymerized polyvinyl alcohol. Monosol film, which can be dissolved in cold water, has dual functions. Powder detergent and liquid degreaser are packed in a small double-layer bag, making both products of great benefit to customers

Silver Award

curwood, Inc. (USA), zip Pak, an ITW company (USA), plumrose USA Inc. (USA) and CFS North America (USA) plumrose/danola slider package (HFFs slider package) provide users with a simple and easy way to take products with zip Pak technology. The sealing "cover" around the zipper has an anti unsealing function. When the cover is completely removed, users can use the zipper without obstruction. This packaging uses an extruded PET film technology, which allows people to tear the film cleanly while maintaining its good shape and hardness. It is produced by three pass hot forming/filling/sealing equipment

alcan packaging (USA), mborn company (USA), Honeywell special films (USA) moldgardtm antibacterial inner core film for HVAC flexible duct represents the commercialization of a newly invented product that can provide flexible trachea. The invention can not only control mildew and bacteria to a certain extent, but also is environmentally friendly and effective. This permanently antibacterial surface is designed for HVAC hoses and for fungicide packaging. The final result is that these durable and effective antibacterial packaging can prevent general mildew and bacteria

hawaiian tropical/tanning research labs, Inc. (United States) and empire/emco, Inc. (United States) Hawaiian Tropical oil free faces adopt a special package. The bottle mouth is equipped with an elegant Flamingo type pump valve head, and the bottle body is equipped with a functional mirror, which can strongly attract the attention of consumers. This mirror can help prevent misuse. This Flamingo type pump valve head is not only very convenient to use, but also has a quarter lock turn mechanism, which can be safely carried around without worrying about overflow or spillage

alcan packaging (U.S.) and tapemark company (U.S.) soluble film drug delivery pouches are "rapidly soluble" tear apart film bags with strong barrier properties. This bag is transparent and can clearly show the contents. The two sides are made of different materials, with soluble film on the transparent side and aluminum foil composite layer on the other side

alcan packaging cebal Americas (USA), Nypro, Inc. (USA), perident, Inc. (UK) and GlaxoSmithKline (USA) aquafresh. Otherwise, failure to apply pressure to the jaws will lead to the accuracy of the experimental data department. The floss`n`captm composite toothpaste tube is a new type of dental paste packaging, which is composed of toothpaste tube, pop-up cover and suture line dispenser. All oral care products can be packed in one package. Floss`n`captm is a great progress in toothpaste packaging. This is a 2-in-1 tube without independent secondary packaging. The project involved in its technological innovation is to install the container of dental floss on the lid of the toothpaste tube

cryovac food packaging division, sealed air Corporation (USA), flexplay technologies, Inc. (USA) and technolor (USA) Cryovac (R) OS systems' ez-d (R) DVD adopts a proprietary deoxygenation technology, which can create and maintain a low oxygen environment in the packaging box. Ez-d (R) DVD has an observation window, which starts working when someone takes the disc out of the box. Because deoxidizer is an invisible ingredient, it can let users clearly see the products in the box. Both consumers and retailers attach great importance to the technology provided by ez-d (R) to ensure the long-term storage of products

american Packaging Corporation (USA) and orlandi, Inc. (USA) colorki have become the "advertising" SS lipstick applicator for steel structures. It is a technologically advanced cosmetic packaging solution. It is an unprecedented progress in packaging, sampling and providing convenience to consumers. This patented technology has unparalleled ability to protect products from heat and pressure, so that lipstick products can maintain their creamy and amorphous state at the age of 47, so that they can be used alone smoothly and healthily. This kind of container adopts DuPont's PET film and ethylene copolymer material, with heavy PET film and protective cover on it

the paper products, Ltd. (India) and Unilever (India) Sunsilk shrink sleeves can be printed on both sides. It uses a special ink, which can produce a frost like/soft effect that looks very contrasting, and can highlight the effect with high gloss in a specific place. It uses a complex 8-color pattern printing method

clinical all clear shrink sleeves (technical development and localized production) are printed on the reverse side with 8-color pattern printing method, and then a special hot aluminum foil stamping method is used to realize the migration of hot aluminum foil on the thermal sleeve. At the same time, although deformation is the most sensitive characteristic of this film, it will not deform

penjet (R) Corporation (USA) penjet (R) is a nitrogen powered, pre filled, single dose disposable needle free safety syringe. Penjet (R) is a new discipline in terms of device safety and drug delivery. The shell of this syringe is made of pharmaceutical grade polycarbonate

hassia verpackungsmaschinen GmbH (Germany and the United States) bottle cup thermoformed cups are made of flat PS or multilayer thin sheets. These cups are shaped, filled and sealed on the same machine. There is a complete in mold labeling system to decorate these fun and convenient cups for consumers. These portable cups can be used to pack things such as yogurt, fitness drinks, condiments and sauces. Because it is an elastic product, this kind of bottle cup can be produced into various shapes. This kind of bottle cup is a packaging design that can be thermoformed, filled and sealed by the forming tools on the existing machine, and thus produce inverted bottles. If sterile style is used, its shelf life will exceed one year. (end)

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