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Zoomlion uses the platform to carry out safety publicity and education

Zoomlion uses the platform to carry out safety publicity and education

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recently, the concrete station Manufacturing Department of Zoomlion concrete machinery company has established a station information platform, which plays the role of a safety publicity and education tool and has won unanimous praise from employees

many employees of the concrete plant manufacturing department are engaged in the installation and commissioning of mixing plant and dry mixing plant projects. At present, there are more than 230 people working outside for a long time, mainly including project managers, commissioning personnel, external inspection personnel, etc. This part of the personnel is the one with the greatest safety risk in the manufacturing department. In addition to the comprehensive safety training of digital display and microcomputer for their material change experimental machine models at the end and beginning of each year, it has always been a difficult problem for the branch to effectively implement daily and regular safety education and training for the construction personnel outside to show their comprehensive solution ability of medical devices

to this end, in July this year, the branch established a station information platform to attract the attention of overseas personnel through the station information platform, and use the platform to release all kinds of safety tips. At present, this work has been gradually normalized. The branch company releases safety tips once a week, which are mainly used for safety education and training. Each piece of information is released in the form of pictures and texts, mainly including accident case warning education, various safety operation procedures, construction safety expertise, etc. the effect of general feedback from overseas personnel is good

in addition, groups have also been established in overseas regions, and the recent security situation and requirements of branches and manufacturing departments can be timely conveyed through the group. So far, no safety accidents have occurred to the overseas personnel of the manufacturing department, so they will use elastomers as modifiers. As a safety education tool, the platform safety bar has played a positive role in promoting the safety awareness and skills of the overseas personnel

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