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Zoomlion w new tower crane observation meeting national hot tour cross generation "smart manufacturing" helps customers resume production

at present, China's epidemic prevention and control has achieved major strategic results with a main framework twice the maximum experimental power, and the comprehensive resumption of production is accelerating. Recently, under the premise of strictly preventing the epidemic and ensuring safety, Zoomlion construction hoisting machinery branch held 32 observation meetings of W new tower cranes across the country. Through a series of observation meetings, Zoomlion presented the new cross generation products and the latest technology of W series tower cranes to customers all over the country, providing a strong equipment guarantee for customers to resume production after the epidemic

△ customers all over the country watch the new tower crane of Zoomlion w locally

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion construction hoisting machinery branch said: the fast forward key has been pressed for the resumption of work and production, and the procurement of construction equipment in infrastructure projects is the primary concern of customers in the industry. Through the observation meeting and, we can timely send our customers gold diggers with high return on investment and excellent performance. In addition, in order to strictly prevent the epidemic and ensure safety, we have increased the venue and number of observation meetings, and adjusted the scale to less than dozens of people per event

as of today, Zoomlion has held 32 new tower crane observation meetings. From Changde, Hunan to Sanya, Hainan, and from Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia to Gannan, it covers seven regions in China, including central China, South China, East China, North China, northwest, southwest and northeast. The advantages of W new tower crane products are presented to customers all over the country at the 2:4 meeting

△ on the scene of the observation meeting, customers from all over the world watched and experienced Zoomlion's new tower crane W from a zero distance

it is understood that the W series tower crane is a new cross generation product created by Zoomlion, and is a new upgraded tower crane product that has made a technological breakthrough again and led the development of the industry after the product 4.0 project. W series products have achieved cross generation through the upgrading of three technologies of ETI intelligent control, structure and transmission, breaking through the four major challenges of safety, environmental protection, PC era and humanization faced by the industry in the 2020 when the range of a single set of devices reaches 5000 tons/year. They have significant technical advantages such as high quality, high performance, high safety, high intelligence and humanization

according to the relevant technical director of Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery branch, the new w product is equipped with the ETI safety intelligent control system, which is the first in China, to realize the tower crane anti-collision, anti slip hook, anti-collision, anti fall and anti fall, providing a higher safety guarantee for the tower crane in the process of operation. Secondly, the product adopts the new frequency conversion rotary technology, which makes the tower crane operate stably, stop accurately and start and stop quickly. In addition, equipped with millimeter level ant speed positioning technology, the tower crane is positioned more accurately during operation

the technical director said: in addition to the performance improvement, the new tower crane of W series has also been upgraded for Humanization: 18 core fault diagnosis items have been added on the basis of the original fault identification, and the fault diagnosis has also changed from the previous fault code to a text description, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency. In addition, through the improvement of manufacturing process, W series products have also made a great leap in corrosion prevention

with the blessing of various advantages, W series tower crane products have won the favor of customers. Since its launch, thousands of products have been shipped and sold at home and abroad. A customer at the Sanya observation meeting in Hainan Province commented that the W series products not only have excellent performance and guaranteed safety, but also have a very high degree of modularity, which completely solves our worries about the upgrading of tower crane products. The compact transportation and energy-saving effect is good. The design of transmission scheme and the fast installation technology of tower crane have reduced our costs and improved the return on investment

△ construction picture of Zoomlion w new tower crane

with the social production and living order across the country, it is accelerating the recovery. Zoomlion will continue to use extreme products and services to escort the development of our customers, provide equipment support for project construction across the country, and contribute to economic and social development

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