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Zoomlion: Science and technology lead to help "beautiful Yinchuan" smart sanitation

Zoomlion: Science and technology lead to help "beautiful Yinchuan" smart sanitation

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last September, Yinchuan Municipal People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zoomlion Co., Ltd.: Zoomlion identified Yinchuan as a development center in Northwest China, Yinchuan will make full use of Zoomlion's technical force to formulate comprehensive solutions for environmental governance, and strive to build "a beautiful Yinchuan with clear water and blue sky". This move opened the prelude for Yinchuan and Zoomlion to jointly explore the opening layout of mechanical equipment manufacturing in the northwest and even to the West

sample workshop

in September this year, in Binhe new area, on a construction site covering an area of more than 120 mu, three huge workshops sprang up. In the plant, one environmental sanitation intelligent production equipment, such as laser blanking machine, oil press, cantilever wire feeder and plate bending machine, has been installed on site. With the arrival of professional trained industrial workers, the first phase of Zoomlion's annual output of 2000 sets/set of intelligent environmental sanitation special vehicles project will also be officially put into production in November

development status officially put into operation in November this year

Zoomlion sanitation machinery project is a key investment attraction project in Binhe new area, which is invested and constructed by Zoomlion Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 203 million yuan. In August 2015, the construction project of Zoomlion (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2000 sets of lightweight intelligent sanitation special vehicles officially started. At present, Li Dan, vice president of BIC battery in Yinchuan Park, has completed the overall civil work of the industry situation. Office buildings, dormitory buildings and workshops have been delivered for use. The first phase of the project with an annual output of 2000 sets of intelligent sanitation special vehicles will also be officially put into production in November

as an important environmental industry production base in the northwest of Zoomlion, Zoomlion (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. is currently mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental sanitation machinery, solid waste treatment equipment, water pollution prevention equipment, municipal garden maintenance equipment, as well as the design, investment, construction and operation management of environmental treatment projects. "The project covers an area of 120 mu, and the initial planning will form an annual production capacity of 2000 sets of environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment. In this mechanical production line of the heavy-duty environmental sanitation special vehicle project, where the intelligent permanent elongation reaches a certain specified value, the third generation compressed garbage truck, compressed docking garbage truck, new low-pressure cleaning vehicle and snow removal vehicle will be produced. These equipment have strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection, and their emissions meet the Euro IV or Euro V standards, which is Domestic leading and international advanced special sanitation vehicles. " Baipeng, director of the office of Zoomlion (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., told that 95% of the equipment in the factory has been installed. After the project is put into production, it will achieve an annual output of 2000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery such as compressed garbage trucks, cleaning trucks, snow removal trucks, etc., achieve a sales revenue of 880 million yuan, and provide more than 200 jobs. "After the National Day holiday, the project will be officially put into production after the first batch of 40 industrial workers recruited in Yinchuan finish their training from Changsha headquarters and return to Yinchuan base one after another due to problems in the food industry for many times." Bai Peng said

future prospects create a leader in the western environmental equipment manufacturing industry

focus on the environmental industry and settle in Binhe new area. The goal of the development of Zoomlion sanitation machinery project is to build a manufacturing base and operation center for intelligent sanitation equipment in the northwest region and become a leader in the northwest environmental equipment manufacturing industry

"with the continuous improvement of living standards, citizens' requirements for the cleanness and sanitation of living environment, community environment and urban environment are also increasing. The cleaning of urban street pavement and high-grade highway pavement must get rid of the traditional manual inefficient operation mode, which is also the inevitable choice for building a public service-oriented government." Chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and President of environmental industry group, said that to improve the way of urban environmental sanitation and cleaning, we should expand the scope of mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations, promote dust reduction and low dust cleaning operations, and improve the rate of mechanized road cleaning

for equipment manufacturing enterprises, products are the core competitiveness. According to Chen Peiliang, at present, the country is implementing the innovation driven strategy and the "made in China 2025" strategy, and Zoomlion has also launched the "product 4.0" project, striving to promote the intelligent research of sanitation machinery with the "craftsman spirit" to create more reliable, intelligent and environmental friendly products

"making good use of the platform of Binhe new area, Zoomlion will gradually expand to agricultural machinery and environmental industry while continuing to develop construction machinery. In the strategic cooperation with Yinchuan, it will further deepen the cooperation content and expand the cooperation field, continue to form a production and marketing network radiating the surrounding areas, build a strategic industrial base in the west, and make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading development of Yinchuan." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said

according to the interview, Zoomlion is a global enterprise with continuous innovation, which is at the global leading level in the fields of construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and so on. The completion and operation of this project in Yinchuan is of great significance to improve the level of Yinchuan's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, improve the industrial layout of Yinchuan and promote the adjustment of industrial structure. When the first phase of the project with an annual output of 2000 sets/set of intelligent sanitation special vehicles is put into operation and reaches its production capacity, 22.2 million yuan of business tax and surtax will be paid every year, which is conducive to increasing government revenue and directly promoting employment

smart sanitation

new equipment has upgraded the sanitation work.

"if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools", and the sanitation industry is no exception. "In the past, the environmental sanitation cleaning machinery system we used still had problems such as the overall single environmental sanitation machinery force and the cumbersome equipment used. Now, the era of environmental sanitation personnel sweeping the world with a broom has passed, replaced by the use of mechanized, electronic and information tools." Speaking of the "upgrading" of equipment used in environmental sanitation work, he Jianxin, an employee of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., who has many years of experience in technology research and development, is deeply impressed. From the single sanitation equipment in the past to the intelligent sanitation special vehicle that will be put into production in Binhe new area now, from the sprinkler that used to only play the role of dust suppression to the sanitation vehicle that integrates sweeping, washing and suction, it has become a trend for mechanical equipment to replace manual work in dealing with environmental sanitation. "The upgrading of sanitation equipment has made sanitation work more intelligent and more in line with the characteristics of smart sanitation." He Jianxin said that through years of research and development experience in the sanitation industry, he witnessed the upgrading of sanitation equipment and the changes brought about by the upgrading of equipment to sanitation work

in some main streets of Yinchuan today, we can also see the continuous progress of technical strength. The multi-functional sanitation vehicles marked with "Zoomlion" shuttle back and forth, replacing the previous manual cleaning, and the streets look cleaner and tidy. Previously, the garbage was loaded into a rickshaw after cleaning, and then transported to the garbage transfer station for dumping and compression manually, and then transported to the garbage disposal site for harmless treatment, so that the transportation cycle is long, the efficiency is low, and the labor intensity is high. Now, with the use of the compression garbage truck and the compression docking garbage truck, the sanitation personnel only need to press a button to realize a series of complex actions such as fixing, scanning, dumping, weighing and resetting the garbage can, which is not only fast and efficient, but also effectively reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers and eliminates the secondary pollution caused by garbage transportation

smart sanitation makes cities more tasteful

as one of the five fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent equipment is booming. Zoomlion's annual output of 2000 sets/set of intelligent sanitation special vehicles project combines high technology with traditional technology. While improving the level of equipment technology, it also stimulates the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry by reshaping the equipment value chain. The completion and operation of Zoomlion in Yinchuan will certainly improve the level of environmental sanitation mechanization in Yinchuan

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