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Heidelberg g "Marbach said that the electrical troubleshooting of T052 offset press. Recently, a Heidelberg gt052 offset press made in Germany in our factory had a problem that it could only run the paper and could not close the press. After that, open the cover of the electrical box and confirm that D14 is a voltage closing relay according to the circuit drawing. Press the closing button, and then press the relay, the contact is closed, and the machine works normally

this phenomenon appeared as early as the end of 2003. At that time, the closing button sometimes had to be pressed several times to close the voltage. Previously, it only needed to be pressed once, but now it can't be pressed again. Only by pressing the relay D14 can the voltage be closed. Then, check the circuit defects according to the circuit diagram and confirm that the circuit is intact (see Figure 1). How does the winning bidder make profits?. Therefore, it can be judged that the problem lies in the travel switch B73, which is disassembled and opened. It is found that the switch part is composed of three groups of small switches, among which the contact on the steel sheet of one group of small switches is aluminum hydroxide, and the flame-retardant plastic has less smoke in the flame, which is a prominent advantage. It has been seriously worn out and cannot be contacted with the steel bar below. Reprocess the contact on the steel sheet, restore it to the original height, and then install it. If it is found that the problem of undervoltage is eliminated

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