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Zoomlion helped Jinan build a green and beautiful city with a large order of nearly 100 million yuan

Zoomlion helped Jinan build a green and beautiful city with a large order of nearly 100 million yuan

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recently, Zoomlion won the bid for the general contracting project of Leachate Disposal Service of Jinan municipal solid waste landfill, with a bid winning amount of nearly 100 million yuan. The implementation of the project will help Jinan to control environmental pollution and build a green and beautiful city. It also marks that Zoomlion ranks among the leading positions in China in terms of general contracting, operation, comprehensive treatment equipment and environmental treatment financial service capabilities of environmental industry projects

it is understood that the project won by the environmental industry company this time covers percolation treatment equipment, emergency treatment and operation services, and the design and construction of corresponding supporting facilities

at present, most cities in China take sanitary landfill as the basic way of waste treatment. In the future, sanitary landfill treatment will still be cumbersome and safe is the basic way of domestic urban domestic waste treatment. As the most common waste treatment method at present, it has many pollution problems, especially the large amount of landfill leachate produced in the process of landfill. If it is not properly treated, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding water and soil

relevant data show that leachate is the product of the gravity flow of liquid in the landfill, mainly from precipitation and the water contained in the waste itself. It has the characteristics of complex water quality, great harm, high CODcr and BOD5 concentrations, high ammonia nitrogen content, and large changes in water quality

industry experts said that the leachate of municipal solid waste landfill is a kind of high concentration organic wastewater with complex components. If it is directly discharged into the environment without treatment, it will cause serious environmental pollution. In order to protect the environment, it is essential to treat leachate

the leachate treatment equipment provided by Zoomlion will provide a more scientific and reasonable disposal method for the "soil killer" leachate. Among them, the high concentration sewage treatment vehicle independently developed and produced by Zoomlion has been successfully upgraded to the fourth generation after six years of continuous research and stable development by carrying pretreatment + two-stage DTRO reverse osmosis membrane treatment process equipment. The equipment covers a small area, has short construction cycle, strong mobility, high degree of automation, low energy consumption and good water quality

the product has passed the inspection of the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection and the resurgence center of "organic and inorganic material composites" abolished by the Ministry of public security, and has been widely praised by users. At present, it has been successfully used in 19 provinces and cities across the country and more than 50 landfill sites

at present, Zoomlion is steadily implementing the strategic goal of developing the environmental industry from the front end to the back end, striving to open up the whole industrial chain. Zoomlion expects to further develop the environmental industry, create more model projects, and promote them nationwide, leading the new trend of domestic environmental industry development

the national 13th five year plan proposes that the next five years will become a turning point for China's waste treatment to waste treatment, and waste treatment should be gradually harmless, resourceful, reduced and socialized. Zoomlion has unparalleled advantages in high concentration organic sewage treatment, large capacity wastewater emergency treatment, emergency treatment of water environment emergencies, sewage treatment process route design, key technology and equipment R & D and manufacturing. According to the "1025" development plan of new material industry, Zoomlion will further provide a stronger guarantee for urban waste treatment and environmental treatment

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