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Zoomlion xiongyanming: serve global customers with the ultimate spirit

Zoomlion xiongyanming: serve global customers with the ultimate spirit

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at the German BMW exhibition held in Munich, the equipment and machinery products that integrate Zoomlion's global innovation gene are profoundly interpreting the exhibition theme of "striving to build a better life" and the ultimate service spirit

on the opening day, Zoomlion successively signed large orders for tower cranes and engineering cranes with P jacromet, the exclusive agent of North American tower cranes, and Erke, the agent of Turkish crawler cranes. This is not only the strategic achievement of Zoomlion's deep cultivation in the overseas market, but also shows the world the strength of "made in China"

"this exhibition has not only brought technological innovation, but also the embodiment of localization. Zoomlion now not only produces in China and supplies the world, but also has a supply system overseas to serve the overseas market." Xiongyanming, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of overseas companies, said

constantly improving the innovation of made in China

"when we saw our western counterparts 20 years ago, I felt that there was a big technological gap, but today, I feel that in terms of product serialization and basic performance, the distance between us and the West has been very small." Xiongyanming said confidently at the BMW exhibition in Germany

in this exhibition, Zoomlion unveiled 38 star products in six major categories, including concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, construction elevators and industrial vehicles. Not only did the product performance reach the leading level, but in some technical aspects, it also reflected the technical heritage and strength of Zoomlion, so that made in China also has more and more "pioneering" technical strength

the k45h concrete pump truck in this exhibition uses the "carbon fiber technology" pioneered by CIFA, a sub brand of Zoomlion, which is both internal and external, light and reliable; Energya series green mixer truck is a unique plug-in hybrid concrete mixer truck in the world, which reflects the technological innovation ability of Zoomlion

Xiong Yanming said that since the service life of a product depends on the quality of a product, the innovation ability of made in China is also reflected in green environmental protection and intelligence. The exhibits at the exhibition not only reflect its product concept of "pursuing the ultimate" in reducing carbon dioxide emissions or noise pollution, but also interpret Zoomlion's development idea of "striving to create a better life"

"I think the current gap is reflected in the balance of the global market. In the past 20 years, we have focused on the Chinese market, spent a lot of energy on product serialization and performance, and quickly narrowed the distance from the West." Xiong Yanming said

bring the ultimate innovation gene to the international stage

as the head of Zoomlion overseas company, Xiong Yanming clearly pointed out that the current gap between China's equipment manufacturing and foreign countries is mainly reflected in the balance of the global market. The internationalization strategy over the years has enabled Zoomlion to have production bases and trade platforms distributed all over the world, and also has a clearer idea of future globalization

Xiong Yanming believes that for Chinese enterprises, compared with the more challenging European and American markets, they first need to seize the markets of emerging countries. "The products of Chinese companies are competitive in emerging countries. If we further study the market segments of emerging countries, I think the products will be more competitive."

in accelerating the internationalization process of "going out" and "going in", Zoomlion has comprehensively promoted emerging markets such as the Pan Pacific, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia, focusing on and implementing differentiated marketing strategies of "one country, one policy" and "one region, one policy" to meet the personalized needs of different markets

in addition, following the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and grasping the explosion point of construction machinery in the future, Zoomlion has set up a Sino white Industrial Park, a Thai subsidiary, a Pakistani subsidiary, etc., and is building a R & D and manufacturing base covering Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the Silk Road Economic Belt

Xiong Yanming said that Zoomlion has its own market analysis system, which will fully understand the market demand of the "the Belt and Road" countries. "We will be well prepared for the market and service system. Any market needs services."

at present, Zoomlion Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, Beijing Chengde Expressway and Beijing Kaifeng expressway are still the sections with concentrated traffic, and financing platforms have been established in many countries to diversify the sales methods in overseas markets. As the company's global logistics network has begun to take shape, I am also convinced that Zoomlion will further improve its market service and global spare parts system

at the same time, Zoomlion uses overseas mergers and acquisitions to improve its technical strength. Xiong Yanming introduced that the 38 products Zoomlion brought to you at this BMW Munich exhibition are based on independent research and development, and integrate the high-end technologies of CIFA in Italy, m-TEC in Germany, Jost and raxtar in the Netherlands, representing the development concept of Zoomlion pursuing the Four extremes of "technology, quality, cost and service" and accelerating the internationalization process of "going out" and "going in"

Xiong Yanming said that based on the past development experience, we will unswervingly implement the channel marketing model in the global market in the future. At the same time, focusing on the construction of the global spare parts supply system, we will improve and enhance Zoomlion's global service and parts supply level, improve our ability to quickly respond to customer needs, and enhance the confidence of customer partners to cooperate with us

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