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Which are the top ten brands of Jincheng glass factory? What is good about Jincheng glass factory? Jincheng glass factory top ten brands - Jincheng experiment end glass factory ranking list

glass factory ranking list 1: Meiju art glass

Company was founded in 2010. In the process of development, it is people-oriented, the concept of combining art and wisdom, based on excellent technical team and exquisite technology, and the purpose of the company is to sell high-quality products. Constantly improve the quality of goods, constantly expand the business force team, and take integrity as the principle. It has a good reputation in the same industry. The company will continue to work hard to do better in Meiju's products, achieve the combination of life and art, and truly integrate art into life, so that people who use Meiju art glass can feel art and beauty everywhere. With the development of the times, the company will provide better services and updates. Better and higher quality products to repay the society and the vast number of new and old customers. Click to see more details

glass factory ranking 2: Shanxi Qixian glass products Co., Ltd.

our company is located in "the hometown of handmade glassware in China" ------ Shanxi Qixian County. The company integrates production and trade, specializing in the production of hand-made and manually blown catering kits, glass vases, centrifugal thrown glassware, holiday gifts, etc. And can complete a variety of post-processing according to the requirements of customers, such as carving, sandblasting, parchment, frosting, hand painting, etc. Based on reasonable price, reliable quality, experienced staff and punctual delivery, we have won unanimous praise from customers and provided customers with a complete supply plan. The company's rigorous management and advanced service concept ensure that the company realizes its commitment to every customer, so that both the supplier and the demander can create a win-win situation. Huanyu people look forward to your participation and cooperation, and hope our products and services can help you in business! Main products: Glass goblets, red wine glasses, champagne glasses, spirit glasses, Martini glasses, juice glasses, water glasses, candlesticks, wind lamps, ashtrays, fruit dishes, salad bowls, saucers, vases, cake plates, etc. Click to see more details

glass factory ranking 3: Qixian Tianlong glassware Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Qixian Tianlong glassware Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of glass goblets, candlesticks, ashtrays, decanters, glass plates, bowls and other products. Our product quality has been recognized by the majority of merchants. Welcome to visit and negotiate. Click to view more details

glass factory ranking 4: Shanxi Qixian Taoyuan glass factory

our factory has strong technical force and advanced equipment and technology. Survive with quality and develop with reputation! Click to view more details

glass factory ranking 5: Qi county Dongfanghong glassware Co., Ltd.

our company provides various glassware. Click to see more details

glass factory ranking 6: Qi county Hualong glass factory

the company can produce all kinds of glass wine glasses and wax tables, with many years of production experience! Click to see more details

glass factory ranking 7: Shanxi Zhongrui Tianhai Trade Co., Ltd.

our company is located in Qi County, Shanxi Province, the largest glassware import and export base in China. The company undertakes glassware manufacturing orders all year round, and the styles are roughly divided into wine sets, water cups, candlesticks, lampshades, ice flowers, porcelain suits, vases, mechanisms, tableware, pots, cans, bottles, jars and so on. At the same time, carry out deep processing business, such as; Hand painting, sanding, embossing, pickling, bonding, grinding, embossing, drilling, spraying, painting and other businesses. If the customer has an order, please provide details such as product specifications, quality requirements, packaging materials, packaging specifications, delivery date, product quantity, product price, product color, etc. Click to see more details.

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glass factory in engineering plastics. Ranking 8: Zezhou Shenzhou glass products Co., Ltd.

Zezhou Shenzhou glass products Co., Ltd. is one of the glass products export enterprises in Jincheng City. Founded in September, 2003, it covers an area of 10000 square meters and has more than 500 employees. It mainly produces five series of high-grade glassware, fruit plates, fruit plates, craft candlesticks, antique vases and more than 1000 varieties. 100% of all products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. The annual production capacity is 4000 tons, and the export earnings can reach more than 4 million US dollars. Since the establishment of the plant, the company has always adhered to the principle of "synchronous development and environmental protection", boldly improved the production process through technological transformation and technological innovation, and increased environmental protection investment. For example, the company's environment has been greatly improved by tying things with perfect crosslinking. Shanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau awarded our company the blue environmental behavior Registration Certificate in January, 2008. Click to view more details

glass factory ranking 9: Jincheng Huada Trading Co., Ltd.

our company processes all kinds of architectural glass. Our business tenet is excellent quality, high efficiency, accuracy and win-win. Our company has convenient transportation, attentive service and customer first. It is the only glass deep-processing enterprise in Jincheng, with an annual processing capacity of 250000 square meters. At the same time, it produces all kinds of art glass, safety glass and tempered glass. Click to view more details

glass factory ranking 10: Jincheng Oriental glass products Co., Ltd.

our company is a glassware manufacturer with a history of 50 years. There are 1500 employees with total assets of 25million yuan. Now it has a 10 ton/day all electric furnace production line and a 12 ton/electric furnace production line. The annual output value reaches 45million yuan. Have the right of self operated export. It mainly produces all kinds of handmade glass wine glasses, water glasses, vases, miscellaneous pieces and other products. The products are mainly sold to Japan, the United States, Europe, Arabia and other countries and regions. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Click to view more details

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