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Nowadays, with the policy of releasing the second child, many young parents will consider giving the baby another brother or sister, so the children's room at home will be rearranged. When there is no spare room, we should make full use of the advantage of one room to make both babies live comfortably. In this way, the family needs to buy a comfortable bunk bed. The bunk bed not only takes up less space, but also meets the different needs of the two babies. Let's have a look at it at the end

this room is large enough, and sufficient light is a major advantage of this room. Two bunk beds are placed against the wall, leaving a lot of space for playing in the middle for babies to move freely

although such a baby bed does not have a double-layer design, the upper layer is used to store and make full use of the indoor space. If there are two babies, don't worry. There is a mop bed design on the bottom, which is very convenient

there is a small bookcase between the two beds, which is very convenient for placing books and sundries

the design of such a double bed is novel and creative. The dark blue design is suitable for boys' room. In fact, such a bed is also very convenient to put in the guest bedroom. If there are guests, don't worry about insufficient beds

it's really difficult to design this room with windows on both sides. The double bed designed against the wall is made of solid wood, and its environmental protection performance is also very good

the design of this bed is relatively simple, and there is no colorful design in the tone. The combination of log color and white is also fresh




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