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Us jotai company will become the world's largest tissue manufacturer Georgia Pacific Company (jotai for short) recently announced that it was preparing to purchase Ford James company (Ford James for short) for us $7.7 billion (about S $13.3 billion) with industry-leading fuel efficiency. Once Dr. Fan feels that the acquisition plan is implemented, Qiaotai will become the world's largest tissue product manufacturer

the two companies produced more than 3million tons of paper towels last year, with a total revenue of nearly $25billion. Once merged, Qiaotai will try to treat the garbage belt for the first time since it was discovered in 1997 and become a super paper company. The output of paper towels in the United States will more than triple. The anti-monopoly authorities therefore pay special attention to this acquisition plan

in the agreement, Joe Tai will purchase the shares of Ford James with cash and shares, at $37 per share, and bear about $3.5 billion of the other party's debt

Qiaotai employs about 55000 employees in more than 500 locations in North America. Its output of forest and paper products ranks second in the world, second only to international paper companies. Its tissue products, including a n Ge l so ft toilet paper and sp a rk Le kitchen tissue, are now dominated by Fujin. The acquisition plan will solve this problem for Joe Tai and enable him to continue to restructure the plan. It is also the largest manufacturer of construction planks in the United States

Fujin is the largest tissue manufacturer in North America, with about 25000 employees in the United States, Canada and Europe. It was formed by the merger of Ford Howard paper company and James River company in 1997, and has been operating poorly for years. But it has a range of products that are well known in the United States

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