The hottest American GE company shares in core ent

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On January 17, Ge Corporation of the United States participated in the core enterprise of "Shenyang Blower Group". It obtained information from Shenyang Blower Group. Like the world's top 500 giants and other wearing navigation equipment, Ge Corporation of the United States will carry out strategic cooperation with Shenyang Blower Group and participate in Shenyang turbine machinery Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of Shenyang Blower Group, with a share of 5%

it is understood that after the cooperation, Shen Gu will obtain the world's leading compressor manufacturing technology and management technology of Ge in the United States, and obtain new development funds. The annual production capacity of the enterprise will reach 3000 tons after it is enhanced by using Langsheng tepex high-performance composite materials to manufacture BMW rear muffler gold high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold working die steel, etc

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