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American experts call for careful use of plastic materials for infusion packaging

according to relevant research reports in the United States, infusion pipes, packaging bags, blood bags, respiratory masks, food bags and other products made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic are harmful to human development and reproduction. These products are still widely used. Therefore, relevant experts call for caution in using medical PVC plastic packaging products

it is understood that plastic products are widely used in China because of their chemical stability, softness, ease of manufacture and disinfection, and low price. However, PVC plastic products can not be decomposed by natural microorganisms after being discarded. Most of them are burned in high-temperature furnaces like other garbage for treatment, which will produce dioxin harmful to human body and the environment. Dioxin is very toxic, difficult to handle, and easily absorbed by human body through food such as beef, milk, fish, etc. aviation aluminum alloy is the main material for aircraft and aerospace vehicles. Therefore, relevant experts suggested that China should fully use alternative materials as soon as possible, and formulate China's standards for PVC and related additives with reference to the standards of developed countries; Renovate and build new waste incinerators, increase the incineration temperature to reduce the production of dioxin, and establish incineration sites for special treatment of medical materials in small and medium-sized cities

it is reported that at present, the State Drug Administration has been formulating national standards for medical plastic materials and containers for infusion packaging, so that the experimental damage load is 80.90% of the selected load range to strengthen supervision and inspection

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