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On January 26, 2010, San Jose, California, Huarui scientific instruments (New York and American Stock Exchange: RAE) announced that it had improved the meshguard intelligent gas detection system. Meshguard provides a fast and flexible intelligent safety network for hazardous gas detection system

the intelligent wireless or wired toxic and combustible gas detectors of the meshguard product family have the characteristics of convenient transportation, use and operation, and are very suitable for use in rapid deployment environments. The meshguard gas detection and monitoring system is applicable to industrial sites with harsh environment and potential hazards. These places used to use traditional fixed gas detection probes, but they can not meet the timeliness requirements. Meshguard gas detection and monitoring system is an ideal solution for oil refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas exploration and production operations, storage equipment, shipyards, oil storage tanks and heat treatment steel plants

meshguard has been verified on site. It is easy to operate, ensures rapid deployment and relocation time, provides reliable wireless signals, and has excellent sensor performance. Bill Jackson, vice president of global market of Huarui scientific instruments, said: meshguard gas detection system has promoted the innovative and sustainable development of Huarui scientific instruments' safety solutions, The advantage of low maintenance and deployment cost of the system can ensure the continuation of our concept of providing important information for safety managers and field staff in emergency life rescue

meshguard gas detection system

meshguard wireless gas detection system can be composed of both customized system department configuration and pre configured rapid deployment system (RDK). The system includes all necessary configurations of wireless systems and is fast to operate. The meshguard core system includes the following configurations:

fmc2000 wireless controller

fmc2000 controller, which can support up to 24 meshguard detectors. Its built-in wireless modem can communicate with each device in the meshguard network. Fmc2000 collects data and monitors all alarm signals. It comes with a rugged stainless steel housing for easy installation, setup, and monitoring. It includes 5 programmable output relays, 1 Ethernet interface, RS-485, internal data record stored on an industrial standard safety data memory card, and built-in audible and visual alarm. Additional fmc2000 controllers can be added to deploy a larger range

meshguard router

meshguard router is used to expand the network coverage, so that the network data signal transmission is not affected by obstacles

meshguard monitor

wireless meshguard detection has driven the development of the auto parts industry. The device is powered by batteries for rapid field deployment. The battery power in each detector can support up to 6 months of operation, depending on the specific sensor model. The design of the detector fully reflects the convenience and applicability. At present, meshguard detector can detect carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), lower explosive limit of combustible gas (LEL) and sulfur dioxide (SO2)

meshguard accessories

optional accessories include fa-200 alarm strip and rechargeable Rae power Pak charging equipment with extended working time

meshguard rapid deployment wireless communication gas monitoring system

portable meshguard rapid deployment wireless communication gas monitoring system is a set of pre configured rapid deployment system, which is suitable for field deployment requiring fixed gas detection mode. It includes all configurations for the safe deployment of rapid gas detection:

fmc 200 welcome to this site thank you 0 wireless controller

up to 8 meshguard detectors, as well as CO, H2S, LEL or SO2 sensors

dedicated wireless router

spare disposable battery

mounting bracket

sturdy waterproof suitcase

if you need to purchase meshguard system and meshguard RDK products, You can contact the authorized dealer of Huarui scientific instruments. For more information about this product, please log in. For information about other toxic gas and radioactivity detection products of Huarui scientific instruments, please log in

about us Huarui scientific instruments company

US Huarui scientific instruments company is the world's leading manufacturer of rapidly deployed sensor networks to help users identify security threats in real time. Its main products include disposable detection tube, single gas detector, composite gas detector, photoionization detector (PID) (for VOC detection), wireless gas monitoring system and radiation monitoring network. The main application fields of the products are energy production and refining, industrial and environmental safety, rapid response and rescue of the public and the government, etc. Currently, "Nissan" has applied transparent plastic headlights to its new "skyline" automobile. The products of former Huarui scientific instruments company have been used by large enterprises in 95 countries around the world and many government agencies in the United States. (6) the content displayed in the experiment process is the change value of load displacement and experiment speed. For more details, please visit

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