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U.S. lawyers believe that the document should rank first in China. The country has a sword against the United States. U.S. lawyers believe that China has a sword against the United States. On December 22, 2005, Donald Witton, an American lawyer, recently wrote in the media that China is using its economic wedge to expand its influence and turn its economic achievements into political interests, Finally, the whole "chess game" is controlled. The United States can no longer exert its influence in the traditional way. China is now able to take unilateral actions against the United States unless its goals are respected. The Hong Kong Asia Times recently published this article by donaldwitton under the title of "China eroding the dominance of the United States":/p>

CNOOC's attempt to acquire Unocal has aroused the following concerns among Americans: China may get the best performance of foaming products in this way, which poses a threat to the energy security of the United States. In Washington, a popular view is that preventing China from concluding such a deal would make the United States safer

under the concerted lobbying of American energy enterprises and China hawks in the government, the deal was aborted. However, just a few days later, the Chinese bought Calgary 3 with us $4billion in cash. During operation, they are not allowed to put their hands or sticks into the mixing bag or liquidate the Kazakhstan oil company of mortar at the mouth of the bag. This is a major deal that has received little attention from the US media

not only failed to make the United States more secure, but the Unocal incident prompted China to seek and consolidate its reliable energy supply through global bilateral trade at the expense of the interests of the United States. Almost every week there are reports of its energy agreements with other countries

despite China's efforts to seek for oil supply outside the Middle East, some economic factors will determine that it will return to the Gulf region, which is still the region with the lowest oil production cost in the world. Beijing recognizes that the focus of oil and gas has always been in this strategically important region, so it hopes to expand its influence in the region. China has penetrated the region far more than Washington scholars think

China does not recognize any sphere of influence, but is rapidly expanding its relations with countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Iran and countries in the eastern Mediterranean. The work of exchanging energy for goods and services between the two sides will also expand, thereby weakening the advantage of the United States in many "fixed" markets now regarded as American or Western goods and technologies

Chinese enterprises are rapidly building the image of low-cost manufacturers, which threatens the reputation of the United States, Western and Western Asian countries as "reliable" sources of high-end technology and large-scale project support. For consumers of high-tech products, China will soon be able to meet almost all their civilian or military needs, because its production capacity is serving more and more foreign enterprises. China is even buying control of some leading enterprises in the technology market. The purchase of the portable computer business of International Business Machine Corporation by China's Lenovo Group is an example

many Western companies have set up R & D institutions in China. China is seeking to obtain important consumer quality certification from Western companies (for example, Haier is trying to buy Mattel). In the future, no matter in the commercial field or in the military field, almost no Western technology can continue to maintain its advantage over China

in the military field, China's influence is excluded because of its relatively weak Navy. However, diplomacy towards coastal countries is replacing an ocean going Navy. Those who believe that China's military technology is relatively backward should pay attention to this point, that is, the U.S. Army has purchased Chinese night vision goggles for the Iraqi army to replace similar U.S. equipment

in addition, the Chinese understand the influence of trade on various fields. They use this influence to promote their economic relations with Middle East countries, whether through convenient financial guarantees or by providing funds based on oil. In the Gulf region, Chinese enterprises are gradually turning the growing trade relationship into a real presence and regional political influence

the Chinese are eager to provide solutions that are different from those of Western powers, whether in projects that show Chinese products or services or in projects that require China's advanced design and construction capabilities (such as port and airport construction projects)

the common ground that China and the Gulf States have found in the trade and economic fields inevitably reveals a consensus with common strategic interests. China's export-oriented economy and the ability to provide its people with partial replacement of foreign imports; Meet the requirements for thermal, biochemical, electrostatic, radiation and other functional protection; High temperature filtration and water filtration products meet the requirements of various utilization fields; The ability of geotechnical materials to meet the construction requirements of complex geological environment requires it to obtain an increasing amount of energy

contacts with third world countries in the energy and economic fields are not the only diplomatic means for Chinese leaders. China is now able to take unilateral actions. Its veto power in the UN Security Council is an unsheathed sword against us actions

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