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Pfizer will participate in Bauma 2013

Pfizer will participate in Bauma 2013

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Guide: Pfizer group (fdml: NASDAQ) will exhibit a number of technologies to reduce maintenance costs (booth a5.220) at the 2013 BMW Trade Fair held in Munich from April 15 to 20. These technologies include the new goetzereg; Dust proof HSL series mechanical face seal and glycodurreg; Lead free

fdml: NASDAQ will exhibit a number of technologies to reduce maintenance costs (Booth No. a5.220) at the 2013 BMW Trade Fair held in Munich from April 15 to 20. These technologies include the new goetzereg; Dust proof HSL series mechanical end face seal and glyco appointed secretary general durreg; Lead free bearing technology, specially developed for extremely harsh working conditions. DEVAreg; The comprehensive catalog and Application guide of spherical bearings will also be displayed at the Expo

bauma 2013 shows these innovations aimed at reducing environmental impacts and extending maintenance cycles. The core of huimen's technology leadership strategy is to help customers meet future regulatory trends and achieve the company's environmental goals

goetze's new HSL mechanical end face seal is developed from the mature trapezoidal end face seal. Its design incorporates a dust lip, setting a new end face seal standard for sensitive machine parts working in wet and muddy environments. The advantage of the new end face seal is that it can prevent the rubber ring from effectively protecting high-quality parts under bad working conditions, and prevent the axial displacement of metal ring and rubber ring. Currently in the testing phase for specific customers. Its diameter can be up to 1.500 mm

in order to help customers quickly and efficiently determine the products suitable for their applications, Deva has created a new comprehensive catalog and Application guide after more than 10 years of development, covering all bearing bush types and materials of the company. This guide helps the customer make the initial choice, and then the professional application engineer tracks this choice later to ensure the optimization of the choice. This catalogue will be displayed at the huimen booth at Bauma exhibition

huimen will demonstrate two new GLYCODUR lead-free bearing technologies specially developed for various industrial applications

glycodur f is a sliding bearing, which adopts a steel base, on which porous tin bronze material is fused. These pores are also filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other additives to reduce friction and wear in the economic opportunities controlled by the British government, so they are very suitable for applications requiring high service life

for continuous operation under high load applications (such as connectors in construction machinery), huimen company has produced GLYCODUR a sliding bearing, which uses a steel base and has a Polyoxymethylene (POM) coating on the surface, which is firmly bonded with sintered tin bronze

huimen group is the world's leading manufacturer and service provider of vehicle and industrial equipment components, serving the world's most important automotive, commercial vehicles, aviation, marine transportation equipment, railways, power generation and industrial fields. The company's products and services are dedicated to improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and enhancing vehicle safety

huimen group has two independent operating organizations, which are independently operated by different chief executives and reported to the huimen board of directors respectively. The powertrain business of huimen group designs and produces protection products for main engine powertrain components and systems, which are used in the automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial and transportation fields. The vehicle parts solution business of huimen group sells a wide range of products to the after-sales market, and has more than 20 of the world's most famous auto parts brands. At the same time, it also provides brake pads, chassis, wiper and other vehicle parts to host equipment manufacturers. The company's after-sales brands include ANCO wipers; Championreg; Spark plugs, wipers and filters; AEreg;, Fel-Proreg;、 FP Dieselreg;、 Goetzereg;、 Glycoreg;、 Nuuml; ralreg; And payenreg; and Sealed Powerreg; Engine components; MOOGreg; Chassis components; And ferodoreg; And wagnerreg; Braking products

founded in 1899 in Detroit, the United States, and headquartered in susfield, Michigan, the company owns 45.3. Maintenance of the control system of the torque testing machine for auto parts: regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. There are 000 employees in 34 countries

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