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U.S. media: Chinese companies released the world's first manned UAV, which attracted heated discussion from foreign media.

U.S. media said that China's UAV manufacturer Yihang first released its low altitude autonomous manned aircraft 184 at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition on January 6, which can take one passenger. According to the associated press on January 6, according to the official promotional film released by Yihang company with a small pendulum of 150j) at the exhibition site, the aircraft 184 looks like a small helicopter, with 8 propellers and 4 arms

according to the report, Yihang company said that the aircraft is powered by electricity. It can be fully charged in two hours, with a net capacity of 200 kg and a rated load of 100 kg. It will take 23 minutes for a general rubber manufacturer when the aircraft is at sea level. The main body of the fuselage is composed of a power system with four shafts and eight propellers, a single cabin and a luggage trunk. It is also equipped with air conditioning and reading lights. The cabin door adopts the classic gull wing door design of the sports car. The four arms can be folded freely to reduce the floor space

Yihang company said that after setting the flight plan, it only needs to specify the destination in the passenger's on-board application and issue the "take-off" command with one key to complete the autopilot. The passenger only needs to issue two commands: "take-off" and "landing". The U.S. government has just begun to plan to formulate guidelines for the use of UAVs. Manned aircraft seem willing to face the following problems: they must face strict supervision

xiaoshangwen, chief financial officer and co-founder of Yihang company, said that Yihang company hopes to sell aircraft 184 at the price of US $200000 to US $300000 per aircraft from this year, but he admitted that this involves the legal "gray zone" issue. "The world has never had a similar problem before," he said

xiaoshangwen said that in case of any problem with the aircraft, the ground remote control center of Yihang, such as oxide skin and metal debris, will take over the aircraft to ensure that the aircraft can land safely

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