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American packaging machinery show shows the world packaging development trend

the "2004 American packaging machinery show" hosted by the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMML) will be held at the McCormick Convention and Exhibition Center in Chicago from November 7 to 11 this year

in addition to the world-class packaging machinery, packaging and processing machinery, packaging containers, materials and parts, this exhibition also shows three new highlights of this year: the most advanced RF equipment and technology today - you can learn about the recent development of RFID and electronic product identification; Packaging safety technology and equipment - you can learn about the latest advanced achievements in other fields; Packaging innovation technology - you can learn about the latest innovations in the fields of packaging control systems, software, metal processing, robots, parts and components in the world

the accuracy of force value can also reach 0.5%. This exhibition was attended by more than 1900 exhibitors. Since the geometric dimension index (rib accuracy) of domestic bolts has basically passed the standard (except for those from poor small factories), there are more than 6000 international visitors from more than 0 countries. The exhibition area reaches 1.2 million square feet. It is estimated that there are at least 50000 customers and buyers

in this exhibition, "2004 food processing machinery exhibition" will be held at the same time, which will focus on displaying the latest food processing technology and equipment. During the exhibition, "Packaging Conference" will also be held

this exhibition covers a wide range of fields, including food, beverage, dairy products, meat, poultry, seafood, pharmaceutical, medical treatment, daily chemical, home care, electronic devices, materials, batch printing, processing equipment, labels, hardware, wine, cakes and other industries

the purpose of this exhibition is to observe the technical operation on site, optimize your time and budget, reduce your cost, improve labor productivity, increase competitive advantage, communicate with peers, and keep up with the innovative technologies in the world packaging industry

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