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Johnson & Johnson glass film can effectively solve the problem of overheating of villa sunshine room

in hot summer, the problem of overheating of villa sunshine room and ceiling often puzzles many owners. Choosing glass insulation film is the most convenient and effective solution

effectively solve the problem of overheating of the villa sunshine room

Beijing Bishui manor we advocate the sunshine room of Mr. Wang's family through the experimental villa industry. On sunny days, the light in the sunshine room is very strong and dazzling, and the indoor temperature is very high. Especially in summer, the scorching light on the skin is really uncomfortable, making people unable to stay. Since the sunshine room was installed with Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) insulation film, the indoor light has become soft and no longer dazzling, and the temperature in the sunshine room has also decreased a lot. Occasionally, reading books in the sunshine room, chatting with friends, drinking tea, or taking a nap after getting tired will not make you feel too hot to bear, nor do you have to worry about the burning of the skin by outdoor ultraviolet rays. It will not only protect the health of consumers, but also improve the quality of life. To enjoy life, you need to know how to manage life

Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) glass film in the United States can prevent more than 40% - 80% of solar thermal radiation from entering the room in summer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing indoor temperature and effectively reduce your energy consumption; In addition, the glass film can eliminate the uneven indoor temperature. Johnson glass film can minimize the temperature fluctuation and make your room comfortable and pleasant for a long time

in addition, Johnson & Johnson glass film ( can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays harmful to human body, effectively block the infrared radiation that will scorch plants, and maintain visible light to the greatest extent

finally, all Johnson glass films can increase the safety of the glass to a certain extent. When the glass is accidentally broken, the glass film constitutes a safety protective layer between you and the glass. It can make a big difference between the two instruments, such as glass breaking, and firmly stick them in place to avoid personal injury

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