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Siemens PLM JT data format has become the first ISO recognized visualization standard in the global PLM industry. Beijing, October 23, 2009 - Siemens PLM Software, a subsidiary of Siemens industrial automation business department and the world's leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software and service provider, recently announced that the international organization for Standardization (ISO), which is responsible for industry data, voted to approve the reference materials on JT data format. This document gives a detailed and comprehensive description of JT data format, the most widely used 3D virtual format in PLM industry. This marks the upcoming release of the first 3D virtual ISO standard in the PLM industry

due to the wide adoption of lightweight JT data format in the PLM industry, it has been widely used by major companies in the past decade to realize the global sharing and visualization of 3D product data, and has become an integral part of a large number of CAD and PLM applications. Today, the official recognition from ISO once again emphasizes the open nature of JT technology, and will promote this recognized three-dimensional format to be more widely used worldwide

bruce feldt, vice president of Siemens PLM Software in charge of open tools, said: "this recognition is of epoch-making significance to all manufacturers around the world. All companies that use 3D digital product data in heterogeneous environments require that they plan to acquire Henan Pingmei Guoneng lithium battery company (hereinafter referred to as Pingmei Guoneng), a lithium battery company owned by the controlling shareholder, for 70million yuan 70% of the equity can work together between internal departments or between internal departments and external suppliers and partners, and they will benefit from the use of JT. Today, JT documents have become the official release standard of ISO, and JT technology has also been recognized as an open benchmark in the PLM field, which paves the way for all manufacturers to adopt JT technology as a standard enterprise format for 3D workflow and long-term data retention. "

JT technology developed by Siemens PLM Software is the most widely used 3D data format in the world. It can realize the accurate, safe and effective sharing of product information in multiple organizations and even the whole supply chain. JT is supported by the global JT open program, which was established by Siemens PLM Software at the request of customers to promote the development and popularization of JT technology and become a common three-dimensional language in the PLM field

Abhay tarnekar, project manager of digital product development system of Tata Motors in India, said: "Maintaining a multi CAD environment is very beneficial to us because it enables us to use the best technology in the industry in automotive design and production. However, the incompatibility between different data formats poses a challenge for us to share intellectual property rights in design. By adopting the widely recognized JT data format, we have overcome this problem and shared our design intellectual property rights among different downstream manufacturers. Now, with the ISO organization With the recognition of JT reference documents, all independent software providers can safely adopt JT technology, which will benefit all interested parties in the creation and use of intellectual property rights. "

from the date of announcement, the JT file format reference will be recognized by the international standards organization (ISO) as a publicly available specification in the three-dimensional virtual field. The more than 400 page JT file format reference comprehensively and in detail describes the JT file format, including the complete description of the file structure and data segments, as well as the in-depth discussion of JT data compression, coding and best practices

idc manufacturing insights safety precautions: Joe Barka, director of strategic operation of product life cycle, Li Le (a pseudonym) of Hefei GuoXuan high tech power energy Co., Ltd. said that I pointed out in his upcoming commentary: "Siemens PLM Software's JT file format reference has been successfully recognized by ISO organization, which will become the basis for winning the trust of end users. By making a neutral third-party organization such as ISO develop a CAD file previewer standard in combination with market demand, end users have reason to believe that the results obtained by using this software will remain relevant and will not be affected by PLM provider tendencies and biases."

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