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Siemens provides power system for toysa's new offshore engineering ship

Siemens drive technology group will supply a fully integrated drive and power system for a multi-purpose offshore engineering ship being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea. The ship was built for the Greek toysa company and will be managed by the global shipping and support service company sea lion Shipping Co., Ltd

this multi-purpose offshore engineering ship will be used for a wide range of marine operations, including the installation and construction of oil and gas projects in ultra deep water (that is, the depth can reach 3500 meters underwater on the basis of different fixtures), the laying of submarine pipelines and cables, and the control of remotely operated submersibles. The siship fully integrated drive and power system solution provided by Siemens will improve the reliability and flexibility of the ship, reduce fuel consumption, and then reduce the overall operating cost

Siemens offers integrated marine propulsion and marine power station solutions. Siship ship propulsion is a diesel electric drive scheme, and the system equipment is customized according to the ship design. For example, the ship's rotary propeller, retractable rotary propeller and bow propeller are driven by five 3.4 MW and two 2.5 MW motors and seven marine frequency converters. These frequency converters are suitable for operation under extreme environmental conditions of temperature, vibration, humidity and humidity. The best matching between the motor and the frequency converter helps to realize the rapid response ability of different drives, so it increases the flexibility of the ship and can realize precise manipulation

The siship marine power station solution includes six diesel generators, each with an output of four megawatts. The generator will continuously output power according to the actual energy demand, especially considering the multi working condition demand of multi-purpose offshore engineering ship, the fuel consumption will be significantly reduced. The power management system provided by Siemens can also ensure stable power generation capacity, so that the required power can be provided at any time and place. The main switchboard integrates the power protection function as an additional security solution. These functions detect critical operating conditions and protect or isolate the failed generator set before any damage occurs. After failure, the energy management system can also automatically restore power supply. The main switchboard of this ship is also provided by Siemens

in addition to providing drive and power station systems, Siemens will also be responsible for project management, engineering design and commissioning of the entire diesel electric drive system. All systems and components used are part of Siemens siship solution platform

Siemens has equipped toysa's new multi-purpose offshore engineering ship with efficient drive and power generation systems to ensure the best flexibility and availability of the ship

picture (computer simulation): Sea Lion Shipping Co., Ltd.

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