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Siemens plans to restructure its company to enhance its market competitiveness

according to Russia, improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are mutually reinforcing. According to the news in the newspaper newspaper on March 23, the German industrial giant Siemens AG plans to restructure its company

Joe Kessel, the new president of Siemens, announced that he would adopt a new strategy to restructure in early May to deal with the same industry ABB Ltd The new index of environmental protection and energy conservation of Heqi has raised the threshold of the paper industry. General Electric Co To improve Siemens' profit margin and market share

it is reported that in 2012, due to the serious financial vulnerable part 3: electromechanical problems, Siemens implemented a plan to cut expenses, including substantial layoffs at the same time. Du Weihui

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