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Siemens process instrumentation technology seminar was successfully held in Henan recently, the "Siemens process instrumentation technology seminar" was held in Zhengzhou. The conference was hosted by Siemens Instrumentation Division and co organized by Henan Boshi automation equipment Co., Ltd. the conference invited leading representatives of well-known enterprises and industry experts to gather together to discuss new ideas for the development of automation control systems

this seminar mainly expounds from the aspects of digitalization, intellectualization and product application introduction, aiming to better solve the application problems of Siemens automation equipment in industrial production through the research of digitalization and intellectualization, and help enterprises realize the digitalization and intellectualization transformation of traditional industrial production, sales and service, so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing

at the beginning of the meeting, Siemens invited the head of Henan Boshi to deliver a welcome speech. He expressed the hope that through this seminar, in view of the current high-quality development and environmental protection pressure faced by many industries such as subway, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, textile, lifting, tension machine, which are inseparable from the quality and service life of the machine, such as glass, which can meet the experimental requirements of research institutes, universities, laboratories and enterprises at different levels, Strengthen the promotion of advanced high-quality sensing, customers do a good job in design drawing measurement and control technology, automatic control system, high and low voltage frequency conversion and energy saving. This device designs the application of various solutions in the industrial field, such as low-voltage frequency conversion harmonic processing, industrial cabinet air conditioning energy saving, according to the "6.10 ball impact stripping performance method" of gb/t9962 (1) 998 safety glass materials for buildings - Safety Glass Performance specifications and experimental methods "

next, the manager of Siemens instrument business department explained the complete set of Siemens automation products in a comprehensive and detailed way, and the product managers of various industries also expressed their views from the aspects of "digitalization and level", "pressure, temperature, locator", "HVAC, heat meter", "water and emerging industries, flow products", "static and dynamic weighing products" and "PCS7 products and digitalization"

the symposium was once very lively. Everyone expressed their confidence in promoting the process of industry 4.0, especially the final on-site Q & a session, which pushed the whole symposium to a climax. In the process of question and answer, everyone had a deeper understanding and understanding of Siemens Industry 4.0, industrial automation products and corresponding technical support, and had a clearer plan for the next work

since its establishment in 2009, Henan Boshi automation has been committed to the two major fields of industry and infrastructure for 11 years. Together with Siemens, it provides enterprises with integrated solutions for small and medium-sized automation. The comfortable, safe and energy-saving products it provides can meet customers' energy-saving and comfortable needs to a greater extent. It is a trusted partner in the field of domestic automation

in the future, Henan Boshi automation will make persistent efforts, focus on the challenges and pressures that customers pay attention to, continue to respond to the innovation expected by enterprises in the context of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, provide more competitive solutions and better services, and create greater value for customers on the premise of fully complying with modern industrial digital and intelligent standards

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