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Siemens profisafe technology helps Chery improve the output of stamping production line

within ± 1% of the set value; As the fourth largest car manufacturer in China, China Chery Automobile Company upgraded its automatic stamping line of multi position press made in China by adopting the most advanced and efficient Siemens safety product composition system, which significantly increased the output of the production line and achieved great success. Profisafe, a safety code based on PROFINET, is a typical representative of Siemens' cutting-edge automatic safety technology. It is an innovative solution to realize safety protection and automation of the conveying device between various stamping stations

Siemens profisafe and related SIMATIC safety products were applied in the stamping production line of China's automobile industry on June 19, adopting the PROFINET automation standard with integrated fault safety function. Siemens PROFINET industry regulation IRT (synchronous real-time) can realize virtual real-time communication in the system and synchronize the conveying devices of all stations within one millisecond. The CBE 20 communication processor with integrated ertec ensures that SINAMICS converters respond equally quickly. The bus communication rate of the system is as high as 100 Mbit/s. at the same time, profisafe on it can meet the strict safety requirements of European SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level 3)

based on the PROFINET bus architecture of Siemens hardness, which can be divided into Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, shore hardness, microhardness and high temperature hardness, the latest profisafe security technology adopts an open design and can be enhanced at any time, without providing a separate bus structure for the synchronization of security functions and standard logic functions or drivers. Because the system controller, driver and peripheral system have a unified bus structure, Chery has achieved huge cost savings. Moreover, the whole system operates on a single platform, which significantly reduces the engineering configuration, commissioning, maintenance and production costs, and helps Chery increase its output by 15% (compared with manual processing)

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