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Siemens product advanced seminar was successfully held in Kunming

after the minivan truck tour and elite engineer forum in the last fiscal year, in order to let Chinese customers better understand the application of Siemens' high-end PLC and network products, especially the innovation and application skills of PROFINET products and network technology, A new round of advanced seminar on electronic s/400/et200/industrial software/networking products with the same volume and weight of Ximen was held in Kunming on March 31, 2009. The symposium will span five regions and last more than three months. It will be held in 17 cities or regions, including Kunming, Changsha, Nanchang, Beijing, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, etc. This seminar will provide 5 sets of new TIA equipment demonstration boxes and 2 sets of network switch products as customers' experimental equipment

at the first stop in Kunming, more than 40 customers from metallurgy, logistics, tobacco, non-ferrous metals and other industries came to attend. During the two-day meeting, Mr. wangchangmin, manager of Kunming Office of Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group, delivered an opening speech, followed by technicians from automation system department and SCI network department to introduce the recently released new products, new technologies and new applications

secondly, the high-level engineers from the customer support department of Siemens Automation and drive group and the engineers from the SCI Department introduced in detail the application of Siemens' high-end products PLC and SCALANCE network products, and focused on the high-level applications of Profibus and PROFINET networks, including PROFINET network composition, DP and Ethernet communication between PLCs, profinetio and CBA, step7scl, graph and higraph applications. In addition, customers can make full use of TIA experimental equipment to conduct experiments and consolidate and deepen their knowledge in time

especially the regeneration of carbon reinforced plastics

finally, through the interaction with field engineers, the problems raised by users were solved on site, which further activated the scene atmosphere, and more deeply understood Siemens' high-end PLC and products based on the external organization principle of foam granulator

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