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Synthetic paper shows you a mysterious paper world

it meets users' needs for the safety of household appliances.

any object has different surfaces, different materials have different textures, which is called texture. The texture of the object surface is either naturally formed or obtained by manufacturing. All kinds of materials used in printing, such as metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, paper, special paper, etc., belong to the latter. Texture is different, texture is different, hard and soft, concave and convex, thick and thin. The difference between sparse and dense, deep and shallow. The interlaced arrangement of plant fibers in paper, the density and luster of metal materials and the extensibility, smoothness and wrinkle free of plastic surface all constitute different texture effects

texture is divided into visual texture and tactile texture. Visual texture is a texture that is felt by the eyes, such as the stripes, patterns, bumps, etc. displayed on the screen, which are two-dimensional planes. Tactile texture is generally obtained by pressing, die cutting, carving and other processing methods. It is a three-dimensional texture, which can be felt by hand. In graphic design, alloy structural steel or equivalent materials, more and more designers use the texture and texture of special paper to design many outstanding works

special paper has better texture and texture than ordinary paper, which provides inexhaustible materials for design both from the macro and micro world. There are many kinds of special paper, and the design effect is also different. This paper only introduces the application of several commonly used special paper

vegetable parchment is a kind of denatured processing paper that changes the original properties of thick paper made from plant fibers after being treated with sulfuric acid. It is translucent, with few pores on the paper, and the paper is tough and compact. Then how can we do the tensile test of the breaking force on the shoelaces? And it can be waxed, coated, embossed or wrinkled. Its appearance is easily confused with tracing paper. Because it is translucent paper, sulfuric acid paper is often used as the ring lining or lining paper of books in modern design, which can better highlight and foil the theme and conform to the modern trend. Sometimes it is also used as the title page of a book or album. Printing gold, silver or pictures and texts on sulfuric acid paper is unique. It is generally used for high-grade paintings, and the humidity of the curing box should be controlled

synthetic paper takes synthetic resin (such as, PE, PS, etc.) as the main raw material. After a certain process, the resin is melted and extruded. It is a material obtained by extending it into a film and then papering it to give it the whiteness, opacity and printability of natural plant fibers. Generally, synthetic paper is divided into two categories: fiber synthetic paper and film synthetic paper

synthetic paper is no different from ordinary natural plant fiber paper in appearance. Film based synthetic paper has entered the market of advanced printing paper and can adapt to a variety of printing machines. Now the synthetic paper used in the market only refers to the film is synthetic paper. If books, advertisements and instructions printed on synthetic paper are not marked, ordinary consumers cannot see the difference between them and ordinary paper

synthetic paper has excellent printing performance and will not be "broken" during printing: the surface of synthetic paper presents a very small concave convex shape, which is very helpful to improve opacity and printability; Synthetic paper has good image reproduction, clear dots, soft hue, stable size, and is not easy to aging. It is worth noting that when offset printing is used, professional synthetic paper offset printing ink should be used

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