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Synthetic network technology industrial Ethernet equipment was unveiled miconex2004

on September 17, 2004, the 15th multinational Instrumentation Exhibition (miconex2004) was successfully closed at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As an important exhibition activity equal to the international famous instrument and meter, measurement control and automation technology exhibition point button experiment, miconex2004 enjoys high authority and popularity at home and abroad

Beijing synnet Technology Co., Ltd., as an American excellent communication company, attaches great importance to this exhibition. After careful preparation, the principle and application of ring redundant Industrial Ethernet are demonstrated through on-site physical simulation, which makes the audience truly feel that as far as Tangshan market is concerned, industrial Ethernet has high performance and high guarantee, and can fully meet the needs of industrial environment. At the same time, a large number of relevant materials were sent. On site consultation, therefore, the system has high accuracy, and the audience is enthusiastic

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