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System integration: PC based control technology integrates media and building control on the same platform

[February 7, 2017, Germany] at the 2017 European Dutch ISE audio visual and system integration exhibition, Beifu showed the benefits of open control technology of system integration: hardware and software platforms are directly connected to audio/video, media and lighting control systems and equipment management systems in building automation. Because all system information can be collected by using one platform, the operation is simpler, the comfort of residents is higher, and the cost is lower. The highlight products on display at Beifu booth include the new ultra compact industrial PC c6015 with multi-core technology and pjlink that supports efficient integrated video projectors

the new c6015 industrial PC, which is flexible and ultra compact, can be used to realize automation, visualization and communication tasks. The powerful control cabinet industrial PC adopts 1.91 GHz Intel Atom processor (up to four cores), which provides excellent performance reserves for adding various functions. Its compact housing size is only 82 x 82 x 40 mm, and its flexible installation makes this fanless multi-core PC very suitable for applications with high performance requirements and limited installation space. By default, c6015 has interfaces that can be used to transmit electrical signals, IP, image and audio signals, providing a very cost-effective solution for controlling multimedia walls

another new highlight of Beifu exhibition is pjlink technology integrated into Beifu control platform. In addition to supporting typical audio/video communication standards such as AES 70 (OCA), DMX, SMPTE timecode, Crestron, bang Olufsen, art net and streaming, attention should be paid to ACN (sacn) and posistagenet at ordinary times. The core equipment and systems used in media and stage technology can be controlled through the central PC platform

in addition, Beifu's cx51x0 and cx20x0 series embedded controllers now also have the DisplayPort option. Therefore, a monitor with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz can be directly connected. The second monitor can be connected through DVI interface

through the PC based control technology of Beifu, all multimedia and building service applications are integrated on the same central control platform, which significantly reduces hardware and software, and has the option to connect directly to the cloud

c6905 was once the smallest control cabinet industrial PC of Beifu, but now the size of ultra compact industrial PC c6015 is only one third of it. This fanless controller can be equipped with up to four processor cores, which is especially suitable for applications with high performance requirements and limited installation space

about biff

biff Automation Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company's business has spread to more than 70 countries and regions

Beifu always takes the new automation technology based on PC as the development concept of the company. The industry it produces then forms a complete and mutually compatible control system with multiple layers of such PCs, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT automation software, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. For more than 30 years, the components and system solutions of Beifu company have been widely used all over the world. 200 there will be a dilemma of unfounded accountability and weak accountability. In March of one year, German Beifu set up its first representative office in China in Beijing. In May of 2007, German Beifu set up a wholly-owned company in Shanghai and moved its headquarters in China to Shanghai. Since then, the company's business has entered a period of rapid development. At present, it has set up offices in 25 large and medium-sized cities in China, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc. As various new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, Beifu has the courage to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promote the concept of PC control data directly stored in the host collection instrument internal technology, which has been accepted by more and more Chinese users

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