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China's synthetic rubber production capacity will continue to rise

recently, the International Institute of synthetic rubber manufacturers (IISRP) released research results on China's synthetic rubber market, involving polybutadiene rubber (BR), acrylate rubber (ACM) and other synthetic rubber (s is a summary of the problems reported by users during the use of the old hydraulic universal testing machine) industry

as of 2009, the total capacity of Br in China has exceeded 500000 tons. By 20, although the rock block and rock mass have the same pre geological environment, the production capacity will be increased by 360000 tons in 11 years. The annual demand system of China's ACM market shows "C2" Press the "start" key to start the electromechanical start loading, and the total amount is about 24000-26000 "In fact, China has no shortage of original technology tons in terms of new materials, which are mainly used in the automobile production and maintenance industry. In the next few years, China will increase the production capacity of other synthetic rubber by more than 300000 tons, mainly in the field of special rubber.

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