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T62 series products are available

t62 series isolated operational amplifier module is an industrial grade high-precision low temperature drift three isolated signal (input, output, power supply three isolated 3000vdc) operational amplifier module newly launched by highway (Hanwei) company. The module has small size, good performance and high integration. It is suitable for the development of isolation transmitter, distributor and signal conditioner. The internal front grading has a high-precision operational amplifier, which is suitable for the input of various current and voltage signals. If the input signal source is current type, the industrial high-precision low-temperature drift mining is attached with the product, which makes the impact tester have the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range, long service life, etc; Auto parts testing machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, which can quickly ripen and has excellent high temperature resistance and demoulding performance after all. The output terminal directly outputs standard signals of 0~20 ma current and 0~5 V voltage or 0~10 V voltage, which is flexible and simple to apply. And an efficient micro power supply is embedded inside, which can provide a group of power supplies isolated from the output to the input stage, greatly simplifying the user's design. The module can ensure large linear content variation of -40 ℃ ~85 ℃ and accuracy of 0.1 level. At the same time, it has extremely low low temperature drift characteristics (25ppm/℃) in the whole temperature range, which can greatly reduce the workload of users' timing calibration. Calibration can be avoided in places with low requirements

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