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Tabek purchase chetwaid pulp plant is scheduled to start construction in January next year

San Francisco, October 8. Tabek pulp group (TEMBEC, which focuses on the research, development and implementation of new renewable raw materials, Inc.) has completed its purchase of chetwaid commercial pulp from Louisiana Pacific Company (L-P) at "normal price" in British Columbia, and it should be tightened in time; Manufacturer. All these actions enable its Montreal company to improve its commercial pulp production capacity. Tabek said he hoped to invest 20million Canadian dollars before the plant was put into operation in January 2003

this pulp plant, which is used to carry out research on green logistics, green consumption, green supply chain, etc., advocates and promotes the annual output of 160000 tons of bleached and preheated wood chip chemical mechanical pulp (BCTMP), had already stopped production in April 2001 due to the weak pulp price of L-P company. Tabek company intends to purchase this asset to improve its pulp production capacity, but the company's senior executives hope to purchase it at a lower price, so it has not been concluded yet

tabek said that the acquisition of the pulp plant will enable the total annual production capacity of tabek commercial pulp to be about 2.4 million tons, ranking the world leader in hardwood commercial pulp, but continue to maintain the second largest producer behind Huihao

when chetweid finally operated, there were 192 pulp mill employees and 90 contract sawyers and industry related employees. Tabek announced that the employees of the pulp factory have recently approved the signing of a new seven-year collective contract

in February, 2001, L-P company in Portland, Oregon sold its 200000 ton pulp mill in Seymour, California, and exported equipment worth US $46million at a low price. L-P said it also retained preferred shares of Seymour Pacific worth about $33million

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