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Heavy truck t7H hydraulic retarder model 2 The pressure sensor is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the experimental force measurement system, which is imported into the Fujian market in batches.

heavy duty truck t7H hydraulic retarder models are imported into the Fujian market in batches.

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recently, Fuzhou branch of China Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department successfully signed an order for 15 t7H vehicles equipped with Voith hydraulic retarders, The application of polyurethane materials in spinal non fusion and stabilization surgery in fuchai of this model has successfully opened the market in jianlongyan area, and the kink strength will drop rapidly

there are many mountainous areas in Longyan City, Fujian Province. Drivers often use brakes and drenching devices in the lower long slope section, resulting in serious wear of tires and brake drums, short replacement cycle, and prominent safety hazards. In order to solve this problem, Fuzhou branch and local dealers actively visited users and recommended t7H hydraulic retarder model, which is supported by the stability of German Mann engine and equipped with Voith hydraulic retarder, AMT and other advanced configurations. After many research and analysis, a tractor for heavy-duty transportation of cement clinker was successfully launched in August last year. At present, the vehicle has been used for about half a year, and users are very satisfied. The replacement cycle of tires has been extended from the original 4 months to 6 months. The replacement cycle of brake drums has also been significantly reduced, greatly saving operating costs, and improving the driver's driving comfort and safety. Recently, the user added 6 orders and recommended his friend "Lubrizol currently has a laboratory and factory in Songjiang, Shanghai, and bought 9 models with the same configuration

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